László Csirmaz

I do research in Set Theory, Combinatorics, and Mathematical Logic. My favourite subject, however, is Cryptography, especially secret sharing. I am working at the Computer and Statistics Center of the Central European University. I offer Mathematical Logic and Set Theory courses at the Eötvös Loránd University, and Cryptology at the University of Debrecen. You can download some of my lecture notes, they are in Hungarian.

You can write to me at csirmaz.

ELTE Matematikai Logika 2015/16 feladatsor

This stellar icosi-dodecahedron can be seen in the CEU Computer Lab. I made it from green cardboard paper. It has a specially designed interior. Look at the pictures.

[] This model also hangs there; it was inspired by the fork component of George Hart's No picnic sculpture.

[] This nice body consists of 30 identical planar forms cut out of cardboard paper. The underlying design is a regular dodecahedron.

[Stellar Body]

My papers in the Rényi eprint collection

Recent titles

  • L. Csirmaz: Program correctness on finite fields
  • L. Csirmaz: A triangle inequality for polymatroids (short note)
  • M.Ajtai, L. Csirmaz, Zs.Nagy: On a generalization of the game go-moku, I
    Studia Mathematica 14 (1979), pp.209-226
  • L.Csirmaz, Zs.Nagy: On a generalization of the game go-moku, II
    Studia Mathematica 14 (1979) pp. 461-469
  • J.Beck, L. Csirmaz: Variations on a game,
    Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A (33) 1982, pp 297-315


    Lecture notes (in Hungarian)

    Free PC programs

    I am also interested in programming, you can freely use the following PC programs.

    Web page of Aniko Csirmaz and Elod P. Csirmaz.

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