Imre Bárány

1990 1999 2009


Alfréd Rényi Mathematical Institute  of the
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
P.O. Box 127, 1364 Budapest,  Hungary

Notes for the Nachdiplom Lectures

Lattice points and random points in convex sets

Publications and online available papers

Some of my papers

On the variance of random polytopes, with Matthias Reitzner

Poisson polytopes, with Matthias Reitzner

Paths with no small angle, with Attila Pór and Pavel Valtr

Random points and lattice points in convex bodies

Extremal problems for convex lattice polytopes

Longest convex chains, with Gergely Ambrus

The probability that a convex body is lattice point free: a relative of Buffon's needle problem

On the power of linear dependencies

Quadratic lower bound for the number of colourful simplices, with Jiri Matousek

On maximal convex lattice polygons inscribed in a plane convex set, with Maria Prodromou

Central limit theorems for Gaussian polytopes, with Van H. Vu

Strictly convex drawings of planar graphs, with Guenter Rote

The randomized integer convex hull, with Jiri Matousek

Random points, convex bodies, lattices

0-1 polytopes with many facets, with Attila Pór

Sylvester's question: The probability that n points are in convex position

Simultaneous partitions of measures by k-fans, with Jiri Matousek

Equipartition of two measures by a 4-fan, with Jiri Matousek

The minimum area of convex lattce n-gons, with Tokushige Norihide

A fractional Helly theorem for convex lattice sets, with Jiri Matousek

Caratheodory theorem, colourful and applicable, with Shmuel Onn

The technique of M-regions and cap-coverings: a survey

A case when the union of polytopes is convex, with Komei Fukuda

List of publications