Laszlo Kalmar

Logic in Hungary, 2005

Budapest, August 5 - August 11, 2005

Conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of
László Kalmár and Rózsa Péter

Rozsa Peter

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Hungary is located at the central part of Europe and it is a member of the European Union. Citizens of some countries outside Europe need a visa for entry to Hungary. Applications for visa should be made in your home country at least three months before the intended date of travel. Please check if you need a visa and make sure that you have it if you have to have it. If you do not fly directly to Hungary then please note that you may need a transit visa for some other countries in order to continue your travel. Hungary is on Central European Time (CET). Like most states in Europe, summer daylight-saving time is observed, i. e. the time is shifted forward by one hour; 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).

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