Laszlo Kalmar

Logic in Hungary, 2005

Budapest, August 5 - August 11, 2005

Conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of
László Kalmár and Rózsa Péter

Rozsa Peter

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The following invited speakers have already indicated their intention to participate at the conference. (We list them according to subjects, but there is a considerable overlap between the subjects; in fact, several speakers intend to stress their unity.)

Set Theory

M. Foreman,University of California, Irvine
S. Friedman,Kurt Gödel Research Center for Mathematical Logic, Vienna
M. Gitik,Tel Aviv University
T. Jech,Mathemetical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
P. Koepke,Reinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Universitaat, Bonn
K. Kunen,University of Wisconsin
J. Moore,Boise State University, USA
N. Sauer,University of Calgary
S. Todorcevic,CNRS, Paris and University of Toronto
B. Velickovic,University of Paris VII

Foundations of Space-Time

A. Daigneault,Université de Montréal
Gy. David,Eötvös University, Budapest
J. Earman,University of Pittsburgh
H. Friedman,Ohio State University
M. Hogarth,Cambridge University, UK
V. Pambuccian,Arizona State University West
C. Wüthrich,University of Pittsburgh

Algebraic Logic

J. van Benthem,University of Amsterdam
R. Hirsch,University College, London
I. Hodkinson,Imperial College, London
J. Madarász,Rényi Institute, Budapest
M. Makkai,McGill University, Montreal
D. Monk,University of Colorado, Boulder

History of Logic

A. Ádám,Rényi Institute, Budapest
A. Máté,Eötvös University, Budapest
J. Urbán,Berzsenyi High School, Budapest
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