Budapest, August 29-September 2, 2011
Rényi Institute

Conference venue


The conference will be held in the romantic 19th century building Gólyavár of Eötvös University, in the very center of Budapest.

Street address is 1088. Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4.

Internet access

The buildig is WIFI equipped, you can access the internet with your own laptop.


Arriving to Budapest by air

If you don't have a lot of luggage, the cheapest (and sometimes fastest) way is to use the regular (blue) bus service that for the price of a regular ticket (320 HUF) takes you to the end station of underground (Metro) line No 3. On this bus you can also buy a ticket from the driver. Bus No 200E stops at both terminals roughly every 12-15 minutes (see schedule). Bus No 93 stops at Terminal 1 only (see schedule). Buses are available till after midnight, but keep in mind that the last underground train leaves at 23:15 (there are night buses afterwards).

There is a shuttle service called Airport Shuttle, which costs 2990 HUF for one person one way; 4990 HUF roundtrip. For two people the prices are 4490 HUF one way and 8490 HUF roundtrip. The Airport shuttle picks you up together with 4-5 other passengers and takes you to the given address, but you may not be the first to get to your destination. You may buy your minibus ticket at the counter in the arrival hall (ATM's and exchange bureaus are available at the airport). Your return trip should be ordered by phone 1 or 2 days before leaving. (phone #: 296-8555). For years this service was the best one, but recently the quality declined (they have less cars, etc.) If you see many people waiting, it is better to take a taxi or a bus.

The taxis you see when walking out of the airport, Főtaxi works with a fixed transfer price 3300-5700 HUF. (The city is divided into zones. The tariff depends ONLY on the starting and ending zone of the trip, and not on the distance covered, nor on the time of the trip.) The price for the way back is: 5500-6500 HUF. Most of the other taxi companies also have fixed airport rates, and can be ordered in advance. You can find a list of the companies here.

Those who arrive at Ferihegy Terminal 1 can easily reach the Western Railway Station in Budapest by train and continue to the Gólyavár by metro to Kálvin tér station. On weekdays 60 and at weekends 45 trains ease the travelling from the airport to the city center within less than half an hour for 365 HUF.

Arriving to Budapest by train

If you arrive at Keleti (Eastern) Railway Station, you can take underground line No. 2 to Astoria and several buses (numbers 7, 173, 78 etc), also to Astoria. Then see the map below. Those who arriving to the Nyugati (Western) Railway Station in Budapest can continue to the Gólyavár by metro line 3 to Kálvin tér. Then see the map below. If you arrive at the Déli (Southern) Railway Station, you can take underground line No. 2 to Astoria. Then see the map above. If you arrive late at night it is better to take a taxi (see above).


Public transport

In Budapest, there is a great variety of public transport: underground (metro), buses, trams, even trolleys. For more information on schedules or night services see the page of BKV Rt. (Budapest Transport Ltd.)


In general, when taking a taxi while in Budapest it is better to take one belonging to a taxi company. Otherwise you should inquire about the fare in advance in order to diminish the risk of an unpleasant surprise. (Also if it's possible, call a taxi by phone instead of flagging one - it's cheaper)

Tourist information

  • Hungary is now a EU member so visitors arriving from EU member countries do not need a visa to enter.
  • Our currency is Hungarian Forints (HUF). For exchange rates see the page of the Hungarian National Bank.
  • Hungary has a continental climate. In September the temperature is usually between 15ºC and 30ºC, rain may fall occasionally. Look at the weather for the next 5 days.

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