Budapest, August 29-September 2, 2011
Rényi Institute

European Prize in Combinatorics

Continuing with the tradition established at EuroComb'03 in Prague the European Prize in Combinatorics will be awarded during the conference EuroComb'11. The prize is established to recognize excellent contributions in Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics and their Applications by young European researchers (eligibility of EU) not older than 35. The prize carries a monetary award of 2500 Euro.

The nomination letter including CV and the list of publications of the nominee should be sent to before March 16, 2011. The nominations will be evaluated by an international jury.

The award of 2500 EURO is founded with contributions of private companies, Rényi Institute and academic institutions.

The first Prize was presented at the European Combinatorial Conference EuroComb'03 held in Prague. Two prizes were awarded: one jointly to DANIELA KÜHN and DERYK OSTHUS, and a second to ALAIN PLAGNE.

The second Prize was awarded at the European Combinatorial Conference EuroComb'05 held in Berlin to DMITRY FEICHTNER-KOZLOV.

The third one was awarded at EuroComb'07 in Sevilla to GILLES SCHAEFFER.

At EuroComb'09 in Bordeaux two prizes were awarded: one to PETER KEEVASH and a second to BALÁZS SZEGEDY.