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See the "Final communication"


Campus area
Debrecen Railway Station & Campus
Debrecen transport map


Bath and spa center


We suggest to arrive before noon, so that you'll have time to occupy your room, have some rest, and have lunch with us. In particular, there are trains from Budapest, departing at 8:05, which we suggest you if you come from Budapest. Note that the trains from "Nyugati Pályaudvar" (Western Railway Station) also stop at "Kõbánya-Kispest", the terminal station of the blue (north-south) metro line. E.g. the train starting from Nyugati at 8:05 a.m. leaves Kõbánya-Kispest at 8:19 a.m.: usually, trains stop at Kõbánya-Kispest 10-15 minutes after their departure from Nyugati. The organizers will take the train at 8:05 am, from Keleti, Nyugati and Kõbánya Kispest Stations, respectively. So you can meet us as announced in the final communication. (If you choose an Intercity (IC) train, then you must buy a supplement as well for the seat reservation. In this case we suggest you to keep your train tickets, because then in some places in Debrecen you will be entitled for certain discounts.)

To find your way to the conference site when in Debrecen, we have three maps. One is a map of Debrecen, where you can identify the main railway station of the city, where you will arrive at if coming by train. From the railway station take the streetcar (tram) to its other terminal station, the Great Woods (Nagyerdo), where the streetcar is to make a circle before heading back to the railway station. The circle starts at the side of the Nagyerdõ, at the Pálma Restaurant. In this large circle of four stops, there is a stop at the University of Debrecen (formerly called Kossuth Lajos Egyetem /Lajos Kossuth University/) - this is the best place to get off. If you miss this stop, the next one will again be at Pálma Restaurant. The distance is a short walk, and the restaurant is the one where we will have our meals. (If you manage to miss even that, then a perfect mathematical solution is to travel back to the Railway Station, and look again for the Pálma Restaurant - this time more carefully...) There is another map showing the transportation network of Debrecen. Unfortunately you can not buy the ticket for the streetcar from the driver. This you have to do prior to getting on the vehicle. Tickets are sold at Tobacco shops.

The other map is a campus map, which shows you the streetcar stop (below right), the new dormitory (on the right hand side), and the Institute of Mathematics Building (up left). We will live in the so-called New Dormitory (D for short), and all lectures are to be held in the Math. Building (MB for short).

For schedule of trains from Budapest to Debrecen and return, see In particular, there are trains on the 4th of July as follows
Arr. Time 1st class 2nd class seats
Budapest-Nyugati Station
08:05 11:13 3:08 3.819 HUF 2.706 HUF -
Budapest-Keleti Station
08:05 10:45 2:40 3.819 HUF 2.706 HUF [R]
Budapest-Nyugati Station
13:13 3:13 3.091 HUF 2.226 HUF -
Budapest-Keleti Station
12:45 2:40 3.819 HUF 2.706 HUF [R]
Budapest-Nyugati Station
13:45 2:40 3.339 HUF 2.226 HUF -
Budapest-Keleti Station
14:45 2:40 3.819 HUF 2.706 HUF [R]