The Fourth Summer School in Potential Theory (SSPT for short) starts on
July 4th. As this is also the day of arrival, talks will begin only in the

We suggest to arrive before noon, so that you'll have time to occupy your
room, have some rest, and have lunch with us. In particular, there are
trains from Budapest, departing at 8:05, which we suggest you if you come
from Budapest. Note that the trains from "Nyugati Pályaudvar" (Western
Railway Station) also stop at "Kőbánya-Kispest", the terminal station of
the blue (north-south) metro line. E.g. the train starting from Nyugati at
8:05 a.m. leaves Kőbánya-Kispest at 8:19 a.m.: usually, trains stop at
Kőbánya-Kispest 10-15 minutes after their departure from Nyugati. For more
details see the home page of the SSPT or
the page of the Hungarian State Railways at

To help your travel by train, we can meet you and assist you in buying
your tickets for the 8:05 trains on July 4th. Sandor Szabo and David Benko
will be at the Nyugati Railway Station: you can meet them at the
cashiers at 7:45. It is wise to buy your tickets in advance, as at the
Nyugati long cues may occur.

Similarly, you can meet Balint Farkas at the cashiers of Keleti Railway
station at 7:45 a.m. July 4. As this train is a so-called Inter City train
with mandatory seat reservation, Balint will make you a seat reservation
(so that you can travel together with our group), if you ask him in
advance either by e-mail (bfarkas_at_ or by phone
+36-20-5466844. However, a quarter before the train departs, these
reservations must either be bought, or will be cancelled. So do not be
late if you want to pick up your seat reservation with Balint.

The trains from Nyugati will stop at Kobanya-Kispest: at 8 a.m. you can
meet Szilard Revesz and Agota Horvath at the cashier there. There we can
assist you buying your ticket as well.

To find your way to the conference site when in Debrecen, we have some new
maps. One is a map of Debrecen,, where you can identify the
main railway station of the city, where you will arrive at if coming by
train. From the railway station take the streetcar (tram) to its other
terminal station, the Great Woods (Nagyerdő), where the streetcar is to
make a circle before heading back to the railway station. The circle
starts at the side of the Nagyerdő, at the Pálma Restaurant. In this large
circle of four stops, there is a stop at the University of Debrecen
(formerly called Kossuth Lajos Egyetem /Lajos Kossuth University/) - this
is the best place to take off. If you miss this stop, the next one will
again be at Pálma Restaurant. The distance is a short walk, and the
restaurant is the one where we will have our meals. (If you manage to miss
even that, then a perfect mathematical solution is to travel back to the
Railway Station, and look again for the Pálma Restaurant - this time more

The other map is a campus map
(, which shows you the
streetcar stop (below right), the new dormitory (on the right hand side),
and the Institute of Mathematics Building (up left). We will live in the
so-called New Dormitory (D for short), and all lectures are to be held in
the Math. Building (MB for short).

As the first lecture is at 2 p.m., on July 4th you may find us between 2 -
6 p.m. in the MB. Still, you may go to the D building first, if you want.
If so, tell the porter that you came to the SSPT (Potenciálelmélet Nyári
Iskola) and identify yourself. Hopefully they will show you your room.
However, do not expect the personnel to speak any other languages then

After 6 p.m. on July 4th we go to have dinner at the Pálma Restaurant and
be back at the Dormitory only sometimes by 8, say.


On behalf of the organizing committee, all issues related to meals will be
managed by David Benko. Please contact him if you have to order or cancel,
ask questions or simply offer help in something.

To keep the company together, the organizing committee decided to pay all
lunches at the Pálma Restaurant. We will have menus, but you may bring up
your personal desires as for special diets etc. directly there. This lunch
menu is free for those who are registered participants or accompanying
persons. However, in order to have it better planned, please let us know
if you arrive to Debrecen on July 4th until 1 p.m., as we plan to have
lunch at 1 p.m. and want to order only as many portions as needed. (To
reserve your lunch on July 4th, please use the short form folowing the
announcement.) Then all week long the lunch will be served there and all
participants are requested to tell in advance if they are to leave and
therefore do not need lunch on the next day. The menu card will also be
available, and you can also order other meals in the restaurant (but then
on your own account). Note that lunch is traditionally the main meal in
Hungary, so we can expect a reasonable feeding for lunch.

Further, the Pálma Restaurant offered us a group dinner (menu) for about
1600 HUF (cca. 8 USD). Everyone should decide if he or she wants to order
it or to look for other possibilities. Probably, the conference budget can
also contribute to this dinner order, but the exact financial situation
will be clear only by the start of the conference.

Let us mention that we plan to have some refreshments during coffee
breaks. However, this is currently under organization. As regards
breakfast and other extra meals, drinks, etc., you are on your own.
However, it would be nice and convenient to cooperate in preparing tea,
coffee, milk, chocolate drink, sandwiches etc.. In the dormitory well
equipped kitchens are available. Since we will have a nice company of many
family members, I ask you all to start organizing yourselves in this

Once again: please look for David in all issues related to meals!


The preliminary program has now been written up, see the home page.
However, at all conferences there must be changes, so we do not assume any
responsibility. Daily changes, when become known, will be announced AND
PUT ON THE WEB PAGE AS WELL. You can check these anytime.

On Monday, the opening lecture will be delivered by Gábor Francsics,
Michigan State University: the topic is a joint work of him with Peter D.
Lax. For the abstract of this talk see Therefore, I think it is
worthy to come in time both for the lunch and for this talk. The following
lecture of Norm Levenberg is an introduction and motivation for those who
are not familiar with pluripotential theory. For the abstract see One of the main aims of
this particular summer school is to allow the participants to learn this
interesting and successful topic. That is reflected by the morning main
talks, which start on Tuesday with a survey by Professor  Wieslaw
Plesniak, see the abstract

If you would like your own abstract to be available, please send it
urgently to the organizers.

On Thursday afternoon we will have a free afternoon: whether to use it for
math or for some other program (e.g. an excursion), and whether to
organize it together or to leave the participants alone will be decided
together in Debrecen.

There will be lectures on Saturday afternoon, but not on Sunday, July
10th, which is the day of departure. We suggest you to stay until Sunday
morning, but if you decide to leave earlier, please let us know in


The University has tennis courts: renting a whole tennis court costs 750
HUF/hour on weekdays and twice as much on holidays.

The Nagyerdő hosts a number of recreational facilities: an open air
swimming pool, bath, and the woods themselves, which is ideal for running
or playing soccer.

Debrecen has other recreational points of interests, including a nearby
water park and historical places like e.g. the Nagytemplom (Great Church),
a key center and historical monument of Hungarian Reformed Church (the
Calvinist Church in Hungary).

Alternatively, a huge bath and spa center is available, see:

If you have car, points of interest within easy access are the Hortobágy
National Park, Hajdúszoboszló with its thermal bath and swimming pool
facilities, the Tisza river and Tiszafüred, where the huge dam at Tiszalök
created a big lake, the so called "Tisza lake". Also, the Tokaj hills and
wine region is about 100 km to the north-northwest from Debrecen.

Do not forget to bring your sport shoes, shorts, swimming suits, and,
possibly, your tennis racket.


The University Library will be open on weekdays between 9-15. We can
access the library and can read all documents, but library loan is not

For making photocopies or to print documents you can ask either the
librarians or the organizers. These services can be used for a cost-based
page charge.

We were promised availability of computers with internet access at a
computer room in the MB. Details will be clarified on spot.

To give your lecture, blackboards (actually, greenboards) are available in
all lecture rooms. There is one room with a computer directed projector,
where you can project files, and overhead projector can be installed
anywhere. Also, some rooms have whiteboards. Depending on the means of
your communication, it might be better to use a different lecture room. We
can switch between lecture rooms, but to keep them closed when out of use,
the staff there asks for in advance reservation. So to schedule all that
optimally, it is important to contact the organizers in advance and to
clarify your special needs and lecture room choices.

The person in charge of these arrangements on behalf of the organizing
committee will be Sándor Szabó. Please look for him at the first place
regarding all such matters.


To register, please look for Szilárd Révész. You should obtain a receipt
in exchange of your payment. To clarify the financial resources of the
SSPT, it would be important to have all registration fees paid on the
first day, on July 4th.

If you have any questions, please also look for Szilárd Révész. In
particular, let us know if you need an official document to certify your
participation, lecture, or any other details of your contribution.

In case of emergency you can call Bálint Farkas, +36 20 546 6844. The
number will be available from July 3rd, Sunday evening.

Hoping to have a good time together in Debrecen,

With the best wishes,

Szilárd Révész



Name: ... ...


On July 4th I ask for lunch (at 1 p.m.) at the Palma Restaurant for ...


I plan to arrive at Debrecen

o Railway Station
o University Dormitory

on July ... at ... ... .