Formalizing Set Theory in Weak Fragments of Algebraic Logic

This page contains some work, recent results and open problems in the subject mentioned in the title, related to my DSc dissertation and the Tarski-Givant book.


Formalizing set theory in weak fragments of algebraic logic, short note. (Updated in 2011.)

Formalizing set theory in diagonal-free cylindric algebras, searching for the weakest logic with Gödel’s incompleteness property. Draft version. 2011.

Logic with three variables has Gödel's incompleteness property - thus free cylindric algebras are not atomic. Preprint 1985.

Free algebras and decidability in algebraic logic. Dissertation with Academy 1986. In Hungarian,

Summary in English of Dissertation 1986.

Paper containing Chapter III of Dissertation 1986.

Errata for Preprint 1985.