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  1. Estimates on the tail distribution of Gaussian polynomials. The discussion of a result of Latala. The article
  2. On a conjecture of Dyson. (with P. M. Bleher) The article
  3. Über die Iteration einer eindimensionalen Transformation. (In German) The article
    (A simple introductory text about some results on one-dimensional transformations and the motivation for such an investigation.)
  4. A majdnem biztos invarianciaelv és annak mélyebb háttere (The almost sure invariance principle and its deeper background), (In Hungarian) The article
    An introductory text to this subject. The written version of my talk at the 1999 meeting of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
  5. Estimation of multiple random integrals and U-statistics
    (Több-változós véletlen integrálok és U-statisztikák becslése)
    (both an English translation and the original Hungarian version) The article
    An extended version of my inaugural talk at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

By clicking here some texts can be found where certain problems of the Probability Theory are worked out.

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