Series of problems in probability theory together with their solution

  To the Hungarian version of the Series of Problems in Probability Theory.

This homepage contains some files (in TeX, dvi and pdf form) where certain problems of the probability theory are discussed together with their solutions. These files contain for one part standard results, but also several non-trivial and (hopefully) useful results can be found here.

These texts are translations of some texts written originally in Hungarian. I intend to continue this work and to translate other texts into English. But I can do this only gradually. At present only a small portion of the Hungarian series of problems can be found here. But even this small portion may be of interest.

By clicking to the appropriate text one can find a brief description about the content of that series of problems, and the TeX, dvi or postscript files of the text are available.

I would welcome any comment or question about this series of problems. They can be sent to the address

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