Conference on Lattice Theory

In honour of the 70th birthday of George Grätzer and E. Tamás Schmidt
AAA 72

Budapest, Hungary, June 6-9, 2006

Scientific Programme

June 6
June 7
June 8
June 9
9:30-10:15 Fuchs Freese Ploščica Czédli
coffee break
10:45-11:05 Davey Wehrung Katriňák Pinsker
11:10-11:30 Quackenbush Radeleczki
11:40-12:00 Ánh Růzička Paseka Kaarli
12:05-12:25 Breaz Krempa Kühr Sichler
12:30-12:50 Nickodemus Stocka Wille Mudrinski
15:00-15:20 Tůma McKenzie Schmidt Kelly
15:25-15:45 Semenova
coffee break
16:15-16:35 Repnitskii Marković Grätzer Kwuida
16:40-17:00 Hansoul Szabó Graczyńska
17:05-17:25 Zvina Romanowska Nurakunov
17:30-17:55 Szigeti Kondo Teheux

The program consists of the following 45-minute invited lectures: as well as the 20-minute contributed talks: Abstracts of talks can be viewed at .

We would like to announce at this place, too, that Algebra Universalis intends to publish a special issue dedicated to the seventieth birthdays of George Grätzer and Tamás Schmidt. Papers intended for this issue are to be submitted electronically to the Executive Editor, Robert W. Quackenbush qbush_AT_cc_DOT_umanitoba_DOT_ca, the submission deadline is December 31, 2006.


The conference will take place at the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, where the two jubilees got their first employments in 1958. The Institute is located in the centre of Budapest, the address is Reáltanoda utca 13-15, close to each underground line. For a map and directions please check this page.

Side program

In the late afternoon and the evening of Thursday, 8 June, there will be a sightseeing boat tour on the Danube, followed by a banquet in the Rényi Institute.


Most of the prospective conference participants come from states whose citizens need no visa to enter Hungary. For a checking list of these countries you can consult the website of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

List of participants

  • Ágoston, István
  • Aichinger, Erhard
  • Ánh, Pham Ngoc
  • Bajnok, Béla
  • Breaz, Simion
  • Bulman-Fleming, Sydney
  • Chajda, Ivan
  • Czédli, Gábor
  • Davey, Brian
  • Delic, Dejan
  • Eigenthaler, Günther
  • Emanovský, Petr
  • Freese, Ralph
  • Fried, Ervin
  • Fritzsche, Reiner
  • Fuchs, László
  • Goldstern, Martin
  • Graczyńska, Ewa
  • Grätzer, George
  • Halaš, Radomír
  • Hansoul, Georges
  • Hartmann Miklós
  • Haviar, Miroslav
  • Horváth, Gábor
  • Hyndman, Jennifer
  • K. Horváth, Eszter
  • Kaarli, Kalle
  • Katriňák, Tibor
  • Kelly, David
  • Kiss, Emil W.
  • Klukovits Lajos
  • Kolařík, Miroslav
  • Kondo, Michiro
  • Krempa, Jan
  • Kun, Gábor
  • Kutšmei, Vladimir
  • Kühr, Jan
  • Kwuida, Leonard
  • Lampe, William A
  • Lukács, Erzsébet
  • Márki, László
  • Marković, Petar
  • Maróti, Miklós
  • Mayr, Peter
  • McKenzie, Ralph
  • McNulty, George
  • Megyesi, László
  • Mudrinski, Nebojša
  • Neumaier, Christian
  • Nickodemus, Matt
  • Nurakunov, Anvar
  • Pálfy, Péter Pál
  • Paseka, Jan
  • Pech, Christian
  • Pech, Maja
  • Pelea, Cosmin
  • Pilitowska, Agata
  • Pinsker, Michael
  • Pitkethly, Jane
  • Ploščica, Miroslav
  • Pöschel, Reinhard
  • Radeleczki, Sándor
  • Reis, Raquel
  • Repnitskii, Vladimir
  • Reppe, Heiko
  • Romanowska, Anna
  • Růzička, Pavel
  • Sain, Ildiko
  • Salajan, Dan
  • Santocanale, Luigi
  • Schmidt, E. Tamás
  • Semenova, Marina
  • Sichler, Jiří
  • Stanovský, David
  • Stocka, Agnieszka
  • Stronkowski, Michał
  • Švrček, Filip
  • Szabó, Csaba
  • Szabó, László
  • Szendrei, Ágnes
  • Szigeti, Jenő
  • Teheux, Bruno
  • Tůma, Jiří
  • Waldhauser, Tamás
  • Wehrung, Friedrich
  • Wiegandt, Richárd
  • Wille, Rudolf
  • Zádori, László
  • Zvina, Irina


Organizers have secured rooms and special fees for participants in two nearby hotels: Ibis Budapest Centrum and Mercure Budapest Korona, both in the center, within walking distance from the Institute. Hotel reservations should be made directly at the hotel via phone or email (see below) Unfortunately there is only a finite number of rooms reserved at each hotel, so please book your room as soon as you can. Please refer to Conference on Lattice Theory, Grätzer-Schmidt conference or Rényi Institute when booking in order to get the special price.

A cheaper, dormitory-type option is City Centre Apartments - they have single rooms from €30 upwards, double from €40. We did not manage to secure rooms there, but you can check the rooms, prices and discounts on their homepage, and also find contact details.

Mercure Budapest Korona

Hotel's homepage

Address: Kecskemeti u. 14 1053 Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36 1 4868800
Fax: +36 1 3183867

Single room: € 110
Double room: € 125
Please note that these prices are only valid till 5 May, afterwards the hotel charges their normal price, and does not guarantee availability of rooms.

Ibis Budapest Centrum

Hotel's homepage

Address: Ráday utca 6 1092 Budapest
Tel: +36 1 4564100
Fax: +36 1 4564116
E-mail: (Please use this address instead of online room booking)

Single room: € 80
Double room: € 88
Please note that these prices are only valid till 5 May, afterwards the hotel charges their normal price, and does not guarantee availability of rooms.

Registration and payment

Please note that the registration form has changed, we need some additional information. You are kindly asked to follow this link and fill the form again apart from paying the registration fee.

Please note that registration fee does not cover hotel fees. Hotel registration must be done with the hotel directly, for rates and details please consult this part of the homepage.

Registration fee covers

Bank transfer

Registration HUF 25,000 (Until 30 April, 2006)
Late Registration HUF 28,000 (From 1 May, 2006)
Banquet and boat trip only HUF 7,000
Exchange rate as of May 2: 1 EUR=263,61 HUF according to the Hungarian National Bank
Bank Magyar Külkereskedelmi Bank
IBAN HU44 1030 0002 2054 2153 0000 3285
Account owner Rényi Institute
Bank address Váci u. 38. Budapest, H-1056

Online payment

To pay the fee please follow the link beside the sum you wish to pay.

Online payment by credit card is administered by an intermediate bank (OTP Bank), and transaction will be processed on their page, thus it is absolutely secure. Unfortunately the intermediate bank accepts only forint transfers, so the registration fee is determined in forints, and it also contains the service fee.

Registration HUF 25,800 (Until 30 April, 2006)
Late Registration HUF 28,900 (From 1 May, 2006) Online payment
Banquet and boat trip only HUF 7,250 Online payment

Mailing Address:

Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics,
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
POB 127 H-1364 Budapest, Hungary
Phone:(36 1) 483 8300
Fax: (36 1) 483 8333
Email: grasch_AT_renyi_DOT_hu