László Csirmaz

I do research in Set Theory, Combinatorics, and Mathematical Logic. My favourite subject, however, is Cryptography, especially secret sharing.

You can write to me at csirmaz.

This stellar icosi-dodecahedron had been in the CEU Computer Lab. I made it from green cardboard paper. It has a specially designed interior. Look at the pictures.

[] This model also hangs there; it was inspired by the fork component of George Hart's No picnic sculpture.

[] This nice body consists of 30 identical planar forms cut out of cardboard paper. The underlying design is a regular dodecahedron.

[Stellar Body]

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Lecture notes (in Hungarian)

Free PC programs

I am also interested in programming, you can freely use the following PC programs.

Web page of Aniko Csirmaz and Elod P. Csirmaz.

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