10.00- Opening ceremony
10.30-11.20 S. Shelah On the spectrum of $ \chi $ of ultra-filters on $ \omega $
Lunch Break
2.30-2.50 Peter J. Nyikos 2-to-1 closed preimages of $\omega_1$
3.00-3.20 Juan Carlos Martínez Cardinal sequences of scattered Boolean spaces
3.30-3.50 Lajos Soukup Cardinal sequences of scattered spaces
Coffee Break
4.20-4.40 Masaru Kada Hechler's theorem for ideals of the reals
4.50-5.10 Szymon Zeberski Large cardinals below first measurable cardinal


9.30-10.20 K. Kunen: The Complex Stone-Weierstrass Property and Elementary Submodels
Coffee Break
10.50-11.10 Rafal Gorak Construction of uniform homeomorphisms between spaces equiped with the pointwise topology
11.20-11.40 Seithuti Moshokoa On the extension problem for uniformly continuous real-valued maps
Lunch Break
2.30-2.50: Ljubiša D.R. Kocinac On hyperspace topologies
3.00-3.20 Saeid Jafari Non-degenerate functions in the sense of Bott
3.30-3.50: Otto Laback Some remarks on the existence of Tychonoff-Topologies on space-time-manifolds
Coffee Break
4.20-4.40 F. Azarpanah Zero-Divisor Graph of $C(X)$
4.50-5.10 S.D. Iliadis Containing spaces and actions of groups.

9.30-2.30 Half day excursion to Szentendre
7.00- Party at CEU Center.

9.30-10.20 Alan Dow Compact spaces of countable tightness
Coffee Break
10.50-11.40 W. Weiss Partitioning Topological Spaces - 60 Theorems
Lunch Break
2.30-2.50 William D. Gillam Embeddability of Countable Metric Spaces
3.00-3.20 Mátyás Bognár A new approach to the degree of points
3.30-3.50 M.G. Charalambous Every Eberlein compact space $Y$ has a dense $G_\delta$ metrizable subspace $X$ with $\dim X \leq \dim Y$
Coffee Break
4.20-4.40 Jan Kraszewski Transitive properties of ideals
4.50-5.10 Eva Murtinova Weaker notions of regularity and normality

9.30-10.20 Jan van Mill Erdos space(s)
Coffee Break
10.50-11.10 Ákos Császár Generalized open sets in generalized topologies
11.20-11.40 János Gerlits Left-separated spaces
Lunch Break
2.30-2.50 D. N. Georgiou A unified theory of $T_{\frac{1}{2}}$ spaces
3.00-3.20 Jan Pelant Weakly Whyburn spaces of continuous functions on ordinals
3.30-3.50 Gábor Lukács On lifted closure operators
Coffee Break
4.20-4.40 O.A.S. Karamzadeh On Kash spaces
4.50-5.10 Maximilian Ganster Covering properties and preopen sets

9.30-10.20 A. A. V. Arhangel'skii: Cardinal invariants in topological spaces with some algebraic structures
Coffee Break
10.50-11.40 I. Juhász Resolvability versus maximal resolvability