Topology 2003

Colloquium on General and Set-Theoretic Topology
dedicated to the 60th birthday of Istvan Juhasz

Budapest, Hungary

from 8 to 13 August, 2003

Basic information

The János Bolyai Mathematical Society, the Alfréd Renyi Institute of Mathematics and the Paul Erdős Summer Research Center of Mathematics are organizing a Colloquium on general and set-theoretical topology in the period of August, 8-13, 2003 in Budapest, Hungary. The conference is dedicated to the 60th birthday of István Juhász.

Organizing Committee:
Á. Császár (cochairman), A.Hajnal (chairman), J. Gerlits, E. Makkai, G. Sági, L. Soukup (secretary), Z. Szentmiklóssy
Snail mail:
Budapest, Fö utca 68.,
H-1027, Hungary

Invited main speakers

Registration fee
The registration fee for participants is EUR 130, if payed by June 10, 2003 (EUR 150 after the deadline). For non-academic accompanying persons the fee is EUR 60 (USD 80 after the deadline). Please, send certified check, bank draft, money order (but not a personal check) covering the registration fee made payable to the János Bolyai Mathematical Society to the address of: János Bolyai Mathematical Society, Budapest, Fő utca 68., H-1027. Hungary.
How to register
We strongly advise to go to our registration form:,
fill in the form, then click the button SEND. Another possibility is to download the text version of registration form from
and send it to us by e-mail to or by snail mail. The TeX version can be downloaded from


The conference takes place in the
Alfréd Rény Institute of Mathematics.

How to come to the Institute:
The Institute is situated in downtown Budapest, at 13-15 Reáltanoda St, in the proximity of several underground stations and bus stops. If you take underground line No. 2 (red), get off at Astoria. Walk past the main entrance of Hotel Astoria in Kossuth Lajos St., then take the first side-street on the left, which is Magyar St. Then Reáltanoda St. will be the first on the right. Once there, you can't miss the building of the Institute, painted in orange (for a photo click here. ) If you take underground line 3 (blue), get off at Ferenciek tere. Walk out of the tube station and take the exit which is behind you on the left. Then continue straight ahead on the left side of the street, walking past the church and Restaurant Kárpátia. Reáltanoda Street will be the first on the left. If you take trams Nos. 47 or 49, get off at Astoria and continue as above. Buses 7, 7A or 7-173 stop both at Astoria and at Ferenciek tere.

Public transport in Budapest In Budapest, there is a great variety of public transport: underground (metro), buses, trams, even trolleys. Passengers taking any of them should use pre-purchased tickets that should be validated at the beginning of the journey (in the underground at the entrance, otherwise on the bus/tram etc.) The price of a single ticket (valid for any form of transport for one journey of arbitrary length) is 125 HUF. You can buy blocks of 10 or 20 tickets which are somewhat cheaper than buying just single tickets; a block can be used by several people but tickets in the block must remain together and must not be torn out (otherwise you'll get fined). There are also monthly passes but they are worth buying only for those staying for at least a month and are regularly using public transport. If you are taking the underground for a journey of at most 3 stations, you can buy a Metro Section Ticket whose current price is 80 HUF. You can buy seven-day travel-card for 2350 HUF.


We can arrange accommodation in
CEU Residence and Conference Center. The price is EUR 45 for a night in a single room, 40 EUR in a double room and 30 EUR in a triple room. You are expected to pay after arrival at the registration desk. Unfortunately, we can not accept credit cards. You can visit CEU center photo gallery.
The address of Ceu Center is Kerepesi ut 87, Budapest, Hungary
Phone: (36-1) 327-3150
Fax: (36-1) 327-3169
A map helping to locate Ceu Center can be found here:
How to get to CEU Residence and Conference Center?
By air You will be landing at Budapest Ferihegy airport. There are three possibilities coming to Ceu Center. Ceu Center can be accessed from other points of Budapest as follows.

Other useful information.

Citizens of the United States and EU countries do not need visas to enter Hungary. Citizens of other countries may need one. Please be sure that you have the visa if you have to have it. In Hungary the local currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF, forint). The present exchange rate is: one Euro is about 265 forints and one US dollar is about 230 forints. Please note that the banks and money exchange offices are usually open only in the morning and early afternoon. It is best therefore if you change some money at the airport. You can get forint from ATM's. The weather in August is mostly sunny and warm with the average temperature between 25-30 C. (77 - 86 F.) However, rain and cold weather is also conceivable. Insurance: Please check whether your stay is covered by your current insurance policy.

Social program

We organize The detailed program as well as the price of the excursion will be announced upon arrival.


A registration desk will be set up You can get seven-day travel-card for 2350 HUF at the registration desk provided you indicate your intention in advance by e-mail. (You need 4 ticket in every day to travel between the conference site and the CEU residence center).
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