Introduction to Topology   Fall 2014

  Midterm: Oct 22nd, 8:15-10 am in 104  
  • Midterm info and practice problems
  • Triangulation of surfaces
  • Summary — the Euler number (the summary is from here)  

  • Homework Set 5.

    To be handed in Friday, Oct 17th.
  • Download as pdf
  • A Peano-curve. Namely, the Hilbert-curve. (An example of a "space filling curve".
  • Space filling curve art and art generator
  • Homework Set 4.

    To be handed in Friday, Oct 10th.
  • Download as pdf
  • Proof of the Heine-Borel theorem (the missing part).
  • Commutative diagrams
  • Homework Set 3.

    To be handed in Friday, Oct 3rd.
  • Download as pdf
  • Exercises 3.
  • Summary on interior, closure, boundary, the Hausdorff property and convergence
  • Summary on the subspace, quotient topologies
  • Summary on the product topologies (still working on it...)
  • Homework Set 2.

    To be handed in Friday, Sept 26th.
  • Download as pdf
  • Exercises 2. (For practice, no need to hand these in.)
  • Illustrations: Stereographic projection - animation
  • Stereographic projection from a a complex analysis textbook (since they place the unit sphere differently in the coordinate system as we did in class, the formulae are different a bit)
  • The Klein Bottle (and Mobius strip) (animation)
  • If you go to Prague, check out this a Mobius mural.
  • M.C. Escher's famous Mobius strip
  • Week 1. summary

  • Practice problems and summary of what we did so far <
  • Homework Set 1.

    To be handed in Friday, Sept 19th.
  • Download as pdf
  • Exercises 1. (for practice, no need to hand these in)
  • Illustration: In topology the cube = the sphere
  • Literature used


    Special dates this semester: