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    During the week of August 15-19, 2011 a Summer School on Topology of Manifolds will be held in Budapest, Hungary.

    The School will center on a lecture series by Matthias Kreck (Hausdorff Institute, Bonn). Daily exercise sessions organised by Diarmuid Crowley (Hausdorff Institute, Bonn) will complement the lecture series.

    The lectures will start with a review of the modified surgery classification of manifolds. After the main classification theorem, an application in high dimensions to the classification of complete intersections will be reviewed. The focus will then move to the stable classification result for 4-manifolds.

    In the last day lectures of Zoltán Szabó (Princeton University, Princeton) and András Stipsicz (Rényi Institute, Budapest) will consider various aspects of smooth and symplectic 4-manifold theory. Exotic smooth 4-manifolds will be presented and relations to smoothings of surface singularities will be shown.