Current weather in Nyiregyhaza and 9 day forecast is here. Briefly, heatwave is expected with rare, light showers. Or, you can watch 30 days forecast in this hungarian site Időké

How to get here
If you come by airplane, then take the Airport Bus ("a more english" URL) and go to Kőbánya-Kispest (the other end of that line). Then take a train to Nyíregyháza, you can find today's timetable on this link. Or, if you arrive to Budapest Nyugati (Western) railway station, then check this link this link. The timetable is usually the same on working days.
In Nyíregyháza, in front of the Railway Station, on the Állomás tér (Station Square), take bus line 8 or 8A and get off at its ninth stop (called Tennis Court). You can buy tickets at the Newsagents in the building of Railway Station for 200 HUF, or on the bus, from the driver directly for 250 HUF. Make sure you have exactly that many coins before payment. On Monday, July 26, we recommend the IC train leaving Budapest, Nyugati (Western) Railway Station at 14:23 (called "Vércse Intercity"). One of the organizers will get on this train at Kőbánya-Kispest Railway Station at 14:37, where you can join in. Since there is a huge construction around there, if you would like to join we kindly ask you to contact him. You can also buy the railway ticket there, if you arrive at the station say, before 14:00.

Driving instructions and further maps
There are some informations on the website of the host college on this link.
Or, if you come by car, the full address is: Nyíregyháza, Sóstói út 31/b (Sóstói Road 31/b).

The following map shows the locations of the buildings.

Or you can use this satellite image

Satellite image

Further infos (e.g. driving instructions) can be obtained with Google Maps: link1 (english), link2 (german), link3 (english),