Social Program

Following the tradition of previous SSPTs, besides mathematics, social programs will play an equal role in this year's summer school as well. However, due to the dim financial situation of our conference, we must ask you to register to all social programs at your earliest convenience. Unless said otherwise, in general we require your payment for the costs of these social programs. We apologise for the lack of financial support.

For those who arrive on time on Monday, some refreshments - as well as the registration package and some assistance - will be ready at the Rényi Institute between 16:00-19:00. This and the coffee breaks are included in your registration. /At 19:00 the Institute closes, so don't come there if you arrive later./ If it is convenient for you, please try to register already at 16:00 o'clock. After registration at 16:00 one of us will lead those who are interested for a walk to the Buda Castle, which is a part of the Budapest World Heritage site.

On Tuesday afternoon we may take a walk together to the Citadella on the Gellért Hill to catch a bird's eye view of Budapest. Since lectures are planned until 19:00 on this day, some sandwiches will be offered at the Institute after the lectures. The walk starts at 19:30. We hope to have the opportunity to see the city panorama in daylight and then to admire also the night scenery of Budapest. /This program is free./

A sightseeing walk will be conducted on Friday afternoon between 16:00 and 20:00. Participants may visit the Castle Hill and the City Park - Heroes' Square area with a professional guide. /This program is free, i.e. included in your registration, but entry fees of museums etc., if visited, must be paid individually./

Our traditional, "home-made pancake party" is planned on Wednesday afternoon, when the Hungarian organizers/participants invite the whole company to the house of one of us. In fact, open-air made Hungarian gulyás /in English usage "goulash", in German transliteration, "gulasch"/ will be the main course, but we stress on having some "palacsinta" /=pancake/ as well. Of course, this program is completely free for all participants and accompanying persons .

The conference banquet will be on Friday evening. The price for the banquet is 5.000 HUF/person in which a full meal plus drinks are included.

On 11th July, Saturday we will have a one-day excursion by boat to Visegrád. The boat starts at 9:30 from Vigadó square and the returning boat starts at 16:30 from Visegrád. We plan to visit the Visegrád International Royal Palace Fair, see

The cost of this program is 8.500 HUF/person. Advance payment is required on Tuesday, so registration for this program will close at noon, Tuesday /before lunch break/. The amount covers the return boat ticket to Visegrád, the entrance fee to the Fair and a meal at a local restaurant. Should you arrive at Budapest later and wish to take part in the boat trip, please let us know this by e-mail before Tuesday.

On the evening of 11th July at 19:30 we may go to an organ concert at the downtown /Pester/ Franciscan church, where Csaba Király plays Bach concertos: C major, BWV 594; D minor, BWV 596; G major, BWV 592; A minor, BWV 593; C major, BWV 595 and Vivaldi: A major Concerto "Per eco". Entrance is free.