Accommodation and Meals
Since we know that many people organize his/her stay and accommodation by individual ways, we only offer accommodation possibilities which we will be happy to reserve for you if you notify us in time about your choice and dates. With these places we suggest you to make your reservation through the organizers – for other hotels we assist only upon request. Nevertheless, we would be grateful if you could notify us about your arrangements for your own accommodation, even if you have made it on your own.

In principle, the organizers do not organize meals. Nevertheless, during the lunch break we plan to visit nearby restaurants together with those, who wish to join us. There are plenty of restaurants around, e.g. pizzeria, McDonalds, Burger King, Chinese Food, Döner Kebab, traditional Hungarian and international style restaurants, self-service restaurants, Hotel Astoria, 24/7 Supermarket (Match) and so on, the prices ranging from 600 HUF to 6000 HUF, say, depending on meals and category of restaurants. Also, Coffee Shops (non Amsterdam type), Bars, Food stores are abundant in the area.
Let us know if you are on some special diet or have any particular requirements regarding meals: we try our best to assist you in finding what you would like to.

Registration includes refreshments in coffee-breaks. As of now, we are not sure if we can offer together with the registration the full access to the social programs including meals.
When our application for support will be answered, we inform you on these details.

It is worth visiting the website of U.S. embassy for tourist advisory (in other words, where not to go)