Attila Sali

Born: October 27, 1959 in Budapest, Hungary. Hungarian citizen.

Education: 1974-78: Special math class in highschool. 1979-84: Eötvös University, Hungary. Diploma with outstanding performance award, BS, MS in mathematics, advisors: Prof. G.O.H. Katona and Prof. Z. Füredi. 1985-86: graduate student at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA. 1986: Ph.D. in mathematics, advisor: Prof. Eiichi Bannai.


1984: MS in Mathematics, Eötvös University, Budapest

1986: Ph.D. in Mathematics, The Ohio State University

1991:  "Kandidátus" (a degree higher than Ph.D. in the Hungarian degree system), The Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Jobs: 1984-87: graduate research fellow at The Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 1987-90: research fellow at The Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 1991-present: senior researcher at The Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 1988-89: visiting lecturer at The Ohio State University. March 1991-April 1993: postdoctoral fellowship at the Kyushu University, Fukuoka Japan on leave from The Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Senior research fellowship March 1996-February 1997, Fukuoka Japan.

Awards: Outstanding Highschool Student, 1978. Outstanding Diploma, 1984. Alumni Association Award The Ohio State University, 1986. Otstanding Young Researcher Award, The Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1991.

Teaching Experience: Graduate Teaching Associate 1986, The Ohio StateUniversity. Visiting Lecturer with above average evaluation from students atThe Ohio State University, 1988-89. Parttime teaching position (assistant. prof.) at TheTechnical University, Budapest with excellent evaluation from students, 1990, 1993, 1997-present. Parttime teaching of Computer Science at the Semmelweis Medical University (in English), Budapest, 1993-1997.

Major Conferences: 1986: Conference on Algebraic and Extremal Combinatorics, Montreal. 1987: 7th Hungarian International Colloquium on Combinatorics, Eger, Hungary. 1989: 18th Southeast Conference on Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Boca Raton, Florida. 1990: 4th Czechoslovak Combinatorial Colloquium, Prachatice. Franco-Japanese Days on Counting  and Combinatorial Optimization, Paris. International Symposium on Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Marseille. 1991: Sets, Graphs and Numbers, Budapest. Workshop on Combinatorics,Tsukuba, Japan. Symposium on Algebraic Combinatorics, Matsuyama, Japan.1992: Invited speaker at the Workshop on Association Schemes and Spherical Designs, Kyoto, Japan; Invited speaker at "Algorithmic and Geometric Aspects of Combinatorics", Tokyo, Japan; Invited speaker at "Statistics and Design Theory", Tokyo, Japan. 5th Franco-Japanese Days on Counting and Combinatorics, Kyoto, Japan. 1993: Combinatorial Colloquium Honouring the 80th Birthday of Paul Erdõs, Keszthely, Hungary (secretary), First International Symposium on Algebraic Combinatorics, Fukuoka, Japan. 1994: First China-Japan Symposium on Algebraic Combinatorics, Beijing, China. 1995: Symmetric Structures, Balatonlelle, Hungary. Extremal Graph Theory 1996. Balatonlelle, Hungary. Invited speaker at ``Symposium in Memoriam Francois Jaeger'' 1998, Grenoble. Invited speaker at the ``Graph Theory and Its Applications to Problems of Society''  DREI 1999.

Major talks: Lecture series at The University of South Carolina, 1989. Colloquium talks: The Moscow State University, Moscow 1990. Tsukuba University, Tsukuba; Keio University, Tokyo; University of Osaka, Osaka; Kyushu University, Fukuoka; Hokkaido University, Sapporo 1991. Saga University, Saga; Simon Fraser University, Vancouver; University of Tokyo, Tokyo 1992. Chiao Tung University, Taiwan; Math. Inst. Academica Sinica, Taiwan, National Taipei University, Taiwan 1995.

Research Trips: 1987: Rostock, Germany. 1990: Moscow. 1992: University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 1994: Technical University, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 1995: Grenoble, France IRMA; Hsinchu, Taiwan, National Chiao Tung University. 1998:  University of British Columbia, Vancouver. University of Paderborn, Germany; 2000: University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Editorial work: Guest editor of Volume 150 of Discrete Mathematics: Proceedings of the conference ``Paul Erdõs is eighty''. Editor of Research Communications of ``Paul Erdõs and his Mathematics'' held in Budapest, 1999

Publications: Above 25 papers published or accepted for publication in English in major journals. 4 papers in Hungarian.

Interest: Extremal and algebraic combinatorics, database theory, graph theory.

Family: Married, has two sons.

Others: Finisher of the Fukuoka City Marathon (half-marathon) 1991, 1992,1997. Finisher of the Mars Marathon, Budapest, 1993 (full marathon) and Duna Mars Marathon 1995 (full marathon). Juventus Marathon Budapest, 1998 (full marathon), Express Mountain Half-Marathon, 1999.