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Travel to Hungary is most common by airplane. The only regular international airport of Hungary is Ferihegy Airport of Budapest. From Budapest, Debrecen is about 220 km and access is best by train.

To drive, e.g. from Krakow to Debrecen, you are advised to plan a route which avoids the chaotic, jamming neighbourhood of Budapest. For maps of auto roads and highways see

From Budapest trains regularly start to Debrecen either from Nyugati Pályaudvar (Western Railway Station) or Keleti Pályaudvar (Eastern Railway Station).

The trains departing from Nyugati Station stop also at Kõbánya-Kispest Railway Station, which is closer to the airport. These railway stations lie on the route of the metro line 3 or "Észak-Déli metro vonal" (North-South metro line). This line is denoted by blue signs all over the metro system.

To reach Nyugati Station from Budapest Ferihegy Airport, choose either the blue city bus called Reptér Busz (Airport Bus, this has its terminal stations at the airport and the Kõbánya-Kispest metro and railway station) or hire an airport minibus at the airport. The price of the Airport Bus is 160 HUF or 180 HUF if purchased in advance or by the bus driver, respectively. The minibus costs much more but like a taxi takes you exactly to your destination. Once you are at Köbánya-Kispest Station you can either take the blue metro line to Nyugati Station, or take a train to Debrecen.

To reach Keleti Station, which is the most recommended way to depart to Debrecen, take Metro Line 2 (Red Line). The Blue and Red Lines cross each other at Deák tér.

Arriving from the city we suggest you using the metro system.

For schedule of trains from Budapest to Debrecen and return, see In particular, there are trains on the 4th of July as follows
Arr. Time 1st class 2nd class seats
Budapest-Nyugati Station
08:05 11:13 3:08 3.819 HUF 2.706 HUF -
Budapest-Keleti Station
08:05 10:45 2:40 3.819 HUF 2.706 HUF [R]
Budapest-Nyugati Station
13:13 3:13 3.091 HUF 2.226 HUF -
Budapest-Keleti Station
12:45 2:40 3.819 HUF 2.706 HUF [R]
Budapest-Nyugati Station
13:45 2:40 3.339 HUF 2.226 HUF -
Budapest-Keleti Station
14:45 2:40 3.819 HUF 2.706 HUF [R]

When arriving at Debrecen, look for the University, which can be reached by streetcar no. 1 (the only streetcar of the city). The Railway station is the terminal station, and the other terminal station is at Egyetem ter (University Square), where our university is located. The address of the dormitory we live is at Egyetem ter 1. For a map of Debrecen see For general information on the University of Debrecen, see

Please let us know your tarvel itineraries. In case there is a way to arrange for it, we will be glad to assist you at crucial points of your travel within Hungary.