The Central European Country has already joined the European Union. Hence no citizen of any EU member country need to have a visa for travelling to and within Hungary. For other countries please inquire. The local currency is called Hungarian forint (HUF). The current exchange rate is about 1 USD = 190 HUF and 1 EURO = 246 HUF. By summer no extraordinary change can be expected, as inflation is below 5%.

Health insurance and thus free health service in case of need is provided for EU members in regard to their own national insurance coverage: however, to prove your eligibility, you should bring with you a form, called E 111, which is issued and signed by your employer. For other citizens, consider a usual traveler's insurance.

Hungary is a nice place to spend some time, once you have the occasion to come over. For some impressions and ideas of possible touristic, recreational or cultural programmes, please visit,,

You can view maps of Hungary at and of Budapest at or Debrecen at

In case you plan to spend some time in Hungary over the mere week of the SSPT, you may contact us for further arrangements.