Dear Colleagues,

The workshop "Fourier Analysis Extremal Problems and Approximation" is to take place at the Rényi Institute in Budapest between 19th of September (day of arrival) and 25th of September (day of departure). For the announcement and some related information please visit our home page

http:/ and then look at the "Announcements".

To visit the Institute's homepage is useful also for directions, maps etc.

We intend to provide the participants with a program and a booklet of abstracts, so please observe the following deadlines.

  • If you want to give a talk: Giving titles, submitting abstracts (to and cc to by 7th of September.

  • Registration (also paying the registration fee of 15.000 HUF, unless waived) by September 9th. (If it is difficult for you to conduct in advance payment, then contact the organizers: with agreement in advance it will be possible to pay your registration upon arrival).

In case you need visa, and thus a letter of invitation, then please let us know urgently. For those who are interested in money exchange: 1 EURO is roughly between 240-250 HUF (Hungarian Forints) and 1 USD is between 190-200 HUF.

You can still register and inform us on your intention to give a presentation, but in order to keep the planned comfortable setup of the workshop, we have to limit the number of lectures. Therefore, we will inform you on acceptance of your talk only after the deadline (probably on or around the 12th of September).

With the best regards,

Mate Matolcsi and Szilard Revesz, organizers