Nathan Lemons

I am an Adjunct Professor at the Business School of Central European University.

I am interested in Graph and Hypergraph Theory, Extremal Problems in Combinatorics, Additive Combinatorics, and Applied Problems in Graph Theory.

In June 2008 I completed my Ph.D. at Central European University in Budapest. My thesis was Turán Problems for Hypergraphs. My adviser was Ervin Győri.

I spent the Fall 2007 semester as a visitor of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee.

Before attending Central European University, I earned my B.A. in mathematics in 2004 from Oberlin College. I first came to Hungary in 2003 as a student in the

fantastic Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program.


In Preparation

Hypergraph Extensions of the Erdos-Gallai Theorem. (with E. Győri and Gy. Katona)

Nonuniform Hypergraphs Avoiding a Cycle of Given Length. (with E. Győri)


Almost Intersecting Hypergraphs (with D. Gerbner, C. Palmer, B. Pátkos and V. Szécsi)

3-Uniform Hypergraphs Avoiding a Given Odd Cycle (with E. Győri)

Hypergraphs with No Cycle of Length 4 (with E. Győri)



Additive Properties of Two General Sequences (with F. Benevides, J. Hulgan, C. Palmer, A. Riet and J. Wheeler)

Polychromatic Colorings of Aribtrary Rectangular Partitions (with D. Gerbner, B. Keszegh, C. Palmer, D. Palvolgyi and B. Patkos)

The unbalance of set systems (with C. Palmer), Graphs and Combinatorics, 24 (2008) 361-365.