`Logic, Algebra, Relativity - 2002'

Conference dedicated to the work of István Németi

November 4 - 8, 2002

Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Budapest, Hungary

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The 14:00-15:45 talks on Thursday, November 7 are in the room `Kutyás'. All other talks are in the Main Lecture Hall of the Institute.

MONDAY, November 4

13:00-13:40    REGISTRATION
          13:45    Opening
                             István Juhász
14:00-15:00   A new concept of computability
                             Mark Hogarth
15:30-16:15   Reformulation of the strong cosmic censor conjecture based on computability
                             Gábor Etesi
16:15-16:50   Operator algebras and quantum logic
                             Miklós Rédei
16:50-17:25   Ontology of logic
                             László E. Szabó

TUESDAY, November 5

13:00-14:00    REGISTRATION
14:00-14:35   A roadmap of István Németi's journey from a design of power stations to the theory of cylindric algebras (and beyond)
                             Bálint Dömölki
14:35-15:20   Many-dimensional modal logics
                             Ági Kurucz
15:35-16:10   Subdirect irreducibility (a frame perspective)
                             Yde Venema
16:10-16:55   Strongly representable atom structures
                             Robin Hirsch
16:55-17:40   Aspects of the finite base/model property
                             Ian Hodkinson

WEDNESDAY, November 6

14:00-15:00   Quasivarieties of heterogeneous partial algebras
                             Peter Burmeister
15:00-15:45   Some results of Novi Sad school inspired by Andreka and Nemeti
                             Sinisa Crvenkovic, I. Dolinka, Rozália Madarász
16:00-16:35   On neat embeddability of cylindric algebras
                             Miklós Ferenczi
16:35-17:10    Neat reducts, interpolation and omitting types
                             Tarek Sayed Ahmed
17:10-17:55   Axiomatizability of reducts of RRA
                             Szabolcs Mikulás
18:15-20:00   BIRTHDAY PARTY

THURSDAY, November 7

14:00-14:35   Understanding relativity theory through logic
                             Jesse Alama
14:35-15:10   Twin paradox in model theoretic terms
                             Gergely Székely
15:10-15:45   Undecidability of relativity theories
                             Sándor Vályi
16:00-16:45   Algebraic and topological methods in Lambda Calculus
                             Antonino Salibra
16:45-17:30   The finiteness principle of database theory
                             Csaba Henk

FRIDAY, November 8

14:00-14:35   Pictures, analogies, dualities
                             Gábor Sági
14:35-15:10   Relativity and quantum black holes
                             Amr Sayed Ahmed
15:25-16:25   Relativity and algebraic logic
                             Hajnal Andréka, Judit Madarász

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