Selberg's identity for Kloosterman sums, unpublished manuscript written jointly with Gyula Károlyi in 2017 [pdf]

The prime geodesic theorem (after Soundararajan and Young), scanned notes (5 MB) for three lectures given at Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics in 2017 [pdf]

The Bombieri-Halász-Montgomery inequality, notes from 2017 [pdf]

Mi is ... egy Maass-forma [Hungarian], popular article (6 MB) for the March 2017 issue of the electronic journal Érintő [pdf, html]

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On the hybrid moments of the generalized divisor function, notes from 2016 [pdf]

Weil's bound for Kloosterman sums, notes from 2015 [pdf]

On the monotonicity of Dirichlet's eta function, notes from 2014 [pdf]

Áttörés az ikerprímsejtés irányába [Hungarian], notes for a lecture given at Fazekas Mihály High School in 2013 [pdf]

A 2-adic approach to the Ramanujan-Nagell equation, unpublished manuscript from 2013 [pdf]

The additive and multiplicative large sieve inequality, notes from 2013 [pdf]

Bounded gaps between primes, notes for a lecture given at Central European University in 2013 [pdf]

L-functions and equidistribution, scanned notes (17 MB) for a lecture series given at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen in 2012 [pdf]

On the sup-norm of Maass cusp forms of large level, Oberwolfach report of a lecture given in 2011 [pdf]

Basic L-functions, notes for a lecture given at Central European University in 2009 [pdf]

A special cubic modulo primes, notes for a lecture given at Lauder Javne Jewish Community School in 2009 [pdf]; Lecture outline [pdf]

The spectral decomposition of shifted convolution sums, notes for a lecture given at Bristol University and the University of Oxford in 2007 [pdf]

Additív konvolúciós összegek spektrális felbontása [Hungarian], notes for a lecture given at Rényi Institute in 2007 [pdf]

Introduction to number theory, notes for a one-semester course taught in 2005 at the University of Texas in Austin [pdf]

On a result of András Biró, unpublished manuscript from 2000 [pdf]

Note on fully characteristic submodules over principal ideal domains, unpublished manuscript from 1994 [pdf]