Computational geometry (Geometriai algoritmusok)

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Spring 2017: Monday 12.15-13.45, IE 2.17.1
First class: 13 February. No class on 10 and 17 April, and 1 May!


Course material: Mark de Berg, Otfried Cheong (Schwarzkopf), Marc van Kreveld, Mark Overmars: Computational Geometry: Algorithms and Applications


Exams: Together with the Kombinatorika és gráfelmélet (Combinatorics and Graph Theory) exams

Crossing numbers of graphs

The $k$-set problem

List of theorems, topics for the exam:

List of theorems, topics for the exam

Computational geometry 2013

Material for the last two topics:

Matousek: Lectures on Discrete geometry

Matousek: Lectures on Discrete geometry

Marcus Schaefer: The Graph Crossing Number and its Variants: A Survey

L. Székely: Crossing numbers and hard Erdős problems in Discrete Geometry

Erdős, Lovász, Simmons, Straus: Dissection Graphs of Planar Point Sets

H. Edelsbrunner, E. Welzl: On the number of line separations of a finite set in the plane

T. Dey: Improved Bounds for Planar k-Sets and Related Problems

G. Tóth: Point sets with many k-sets