Finite and Infinite

Finite and Infinite Combinatorics

Budapest, Hungary,

January 5 (Friday) - 10 (Wednesday), 2001


            Dear Colleagues,

The János Bolyai Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences are organized a  Colloquium on  Finite and Infinite Combinatorics. The conference was supported by DIMATIA-ITI Charles University, Prague.

The special occasion for this meeting is to honour the 70th birthdays of Professors Vera T. Sós and András Hajnal.

András Hajnal

András Hajnal.

Vera T. Sós


Download the list of the presented talks in DVI format or in PostScript format.

Download the list of  participants in DVI format or in PostScript format.

We would highly appreciate if you filled out and submitted the participant questionnaire of CORDIS here. Thank you.



We thank all participants for coming to Budapest

The Organizing Commitee

L. Lovász (Co-chair)
G. O. H. Katona (Co-chair)

G. Y. Katona (Secretary)
Á. Kisvölcsey (Secretary)

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