Scientific Program
of the Conference on Hypergraphs

June 7, Thursday
Large lecture room New lecture room on 3rd floor 
9:00 D. J. Kleitman
On a Generalization of the Kruskal-Katona Theorem
9:40 R. Ahlshwede
Katona's Intersection theorem: 4 new proofs
S. Hartman
Minimum matrix representations under cardinality constraints
10:10 K. Engel
Katona theorems - Generalizations and an application
J. Biskup
Models for controlled query evaluation - lying versus refusal
10:40 Coffee
11:10 S. Bezrukov  
The Kruskal-Katona theorem: 35 years later
B. Thalheim
Reconsidering the Hungarian approach to database complexity
11:40 J. Talbot
Lagrangian Hypergraphs
K. Tichler
Extremal theorems on database matrices
12:10 U. Leck
A new generalization of the Kruskal-Katona theorem
T. Bohman
On a list coloring conjecture of Reed
14:30 A. Benczúr
Evolution of the human communication, the information revolution - a mathematical perspective
J. Matousek
Transversals and the fractional Helly theorem
15:00 J. Csima
Latin Squares, Timetables and Hypergraphs
P. Haxell
Independent transversals
15:30 W. Imrich
Fast recognition of partial cubes
J. Skokan
Regularity lemma for $k$-uniform hypergraphs
16:00 Coffee
16:30 E. Boros
Polymatroid separators of hypergraphs
M. Simonovits
On the Erd\H{o}s-Frankl-R\"odl theorem
17:00 I. Roberts
Minimising union-closed collections
A. Gyárfás
Transitive edge colorings of graphs
17:30 G. Y. Katona
an atypical biographical lecture about G. O. H. Katona with pictures
June 8, Friday
Large lecture room New lecture room on 3rd floor 
9:00 P. Frankl
9:40 J. Körner
New Entropy Bounds in Asymptotic Combinatorics
A. Hilton
Amalgamations of connected k-factorizations
10:10 R. Holzman
Linear vs. hereditary discrepancy
E. Gyõri
10:40 Coffee
11:10 O. Pikhurko
Minimum Saturated Hypergraphs
P. Duchet
Menger's via hypergraphs: a short proof of the Hoffman '74 theorem on path systems
11:40 D. Mubayi
Some new results about hypergraph Tur\'an numbers
A. Makhnev
On some pseudo-geometric graphs for partial geometries
12:10 M. Ruszinkó
On the maximum size of $(p,Q)$-free families
D. Kowalek
Graphs in the Steiner triple systems for $v=2^n-1$, $n\ge 3$ points
14:30 J. Beck
Ramsey Games and the Second Moment Method
P. Rosenstiehl
Coding pointed Hypermaps
15:00 L. Khachatrian
Forbidden weights
M. Klazar
Extremal problems (and a bit of enumeration) for hypergraphs with linearly ordered vertex sets
15:30 N. Tokushige
Weighted multiply intersecting families
G. Simonyi
Imperfection ratio and graph entropy
16:00 Coffee
16:30 J. Griggs
Problems on Chain Partitions
U. Tamm
A continued fractions approach to a conjecture of Stanley
17:00 Á. Kisvölcsey
Flattening Antichains
S. Porubsky
Sets of regular systems of divisors of a generalized integer
19:30-22:00 Conference dinner
in the Museum of War
June 9, Saturday
Large lecture room New lecture room on 3rd floor 
9:40 V. Grolmusz
Co-orthogonal codes
Zs. Katona
Intersecting families of sets, no $l$ containing two common elements
10:10 M. Deza
Clusters of cycles
T. Szabó
k-wise intersection theorems
10:40 Coffee
11:10 M. Karonski
On graph irregularity strength
H. Gronau
Orthogonal covers of graphs
11:40 O. Riordan
The diameter of a scale free random graph
P. Mihók
On generalized colorings of hypergraphs
12:10 B. Nagle
Counting Small Cliques in Hypergraphs
C. Smyth
Equilateral or $1$-distance sets and Kusner's Conjecture
14:30 A. Rucinski
Ramsey Properties of Families of Graphs
L. Székely
Katona's Proof to Erd\H os-Ko-Rado Revisited
15:00 B. Montágh
Anti-Ramsey theorem on big double stars and on long paths
G.Y. Katona
Hamiltonian Chains in Hypergraphs
15:30 E. Burattini
Z. Füredi
16:00 Coffee