Workshop on Hypergraphs
(June 4-17 2001)
Conference on Hypergraphs
(Gyula O.H. Katona is 60)
June 7-9, 2001,
Rényi Institute, Budapest, Hungary



The Rényi Institute of Mathematics - together with the Erdős Summer Research Center and the János Bolyai Mathematical Society - organizes a two week workshop and a three day conference on Hypergrahps to honour Gyula Katona's 60th Birthday, at the Rényi institute, between 4 and 17 June, 2001.


On the conference there will be invited lectures and 20 minutes contributed talks. June 6 is a database theory day and we organize a welcome party for the participants of the conference on the evening of June 6. There will be a conference dinner on June 8. As a part of the workshop, from 11 to 13 June we plan to hold a Hungarian-Korean miniworkshop with about 12 Korean participants.

The following colleagues have already expressed interest in participating:

Péter Frankl, principal speaker

Rudolph Ahlswede	Jozsef Beck		Sergei Bezrukov
Joachim Biskup		Bela Bollobas		Endre Boros
Ernesto Burattini	Beifang Chen		Joe Csima
Michel Deza		Stefan Dodunekov	Pierre Duchet
Konrad Engel		Peter L. Erdos		Jerold Griggs
Andras Gyarfas		Hans-Dietrich Gronau	Andras Hajnal
Jochen Harant		Penny Haxell		Pavol Hell
Anthony Hilton		Ron Holzman		Wilfried Imrich
Stasys Jukna		Gyula Karolyi		Michal Karonski
Gyula Y. Katona		Levon Khachatrian	D.J. Kleitman
Yoshiharu Kohayakawa	Janos Korner		Andre Kundgen
Uwe Leck		Gregory Margulis	Jiri Matousek
Peter Mihok		Dhruv Mubayi		Janos Pach
Oleg Pikhurko		Stefan Porubsky		Vojtech Rodl
Peter Rosenstiehl	Andrzej Rucinski	Miklos Ruszinko
Imre Ruzsa		Gabor Sarkozy		Miklos Simonovits
Gabro Simonyi		Jozef Skokan		Tibor Szabo
Laszlo Szekely		Endre Szemeredi		Ulrich Tamm
Bernhard Thalheim	Norihide Tokushige

Here you find a raw list of titles and abstracts of the talks to be presented on the workshop or on the conference. Here you can see a preliminary version of the conference program. Click here for a similar list of the Hungarian-Koreaian miniworkshop. We already have assigned offices to some of our guests.

We arrange your accomodation for the period of your stay. We have a limited number of rooms of the Central European University available at Kerepesi, approximately 25 minutes from the institute. The prices there are 25 USD for a double room and 20 USD for a single room per night. The CEU guesthouse is air conditioned and all rooms have a separate bathroom with shower.

Please calculate with a registration fee of 60 USD to be paid in cash (in any major currency) upon arrival.

Mailing address:
Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics,
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
POB 127
H-1364 Budapest, Hungary
Phone:(36 1) 317 3050, from the 14th of April on (36 1) 483 8300
Phone/Fax: (36 1) 317 7166

With best wishes

Zoltán Füredi

and the Organizing Committee:
János Demetrovics, Tamás Fleiner (secretary), Ervin Győri and Dezső Miklós.


The event was supported by the "Mathematics in Information Society" project carried out by Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics - Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in the framework of the European Community's "Confirming the International Role of Community Research" program.