Problem booklets of past workshops

If you are aware of a solution to any of the problems in the booklets below, please drop us an e-mail to emlektab at renyi dot hu.

Seventh workshop (06. 29-07. 02. 2015., lecturers: Ackerman, Pach, Rote, Tóth)
Sixth workshop (07. 28-31. 2014., lecturers: Blokhuis, Storme, Sziklai, Szőnyi)
Fifth workshop (08. 12-15. 2013., lecturers: Cicalese, Damaschke, Du, Katona)
Fourth workshop (08. 06-09. 2012., lecturers: Ferber, Hefetz, Krivelevich, Stojakovic)
Third workshop (06. 27-30. 2011., lecturers: Balogh, Bóna, Sárközy, Tardos)
Second workshop (01. 24-27. 2011., lecturers: Gyȍri, Károlyi, Pach, Tóth)
First workshop (07. 26-29. 2010., lecturers: Füredi, Gyárfás, Katona, Simonyi, Tuza)

A list of papers dealing with problems posed at our workshops.