BSM Set Theory — SET, Fall 2006

Instructor: Dr. Márton ELEKES

Classes: Tuesday 12-2, Friday 10-12, Lecture Hall 105

Suggested timetable:
Lecture: T 12:15-1:25 and F 10:15-11:25
Office hour: T 1:25-1:45 and F 11:25-11:45

E-Mail: Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at

Home Page:

Text: A. Hajnal, P. Hamburger: Set Theory + handouts


Course description: The goal of the course is twofold. On the one hand, we get an insight how set theory can serve as the foundation of mathematics, and on the other hand, we learn how to use set theory as a powerful tool in algebra, analysis, geometry and even number theory.

Grading: Homework assignments: 20%, midterm exam: 30%, final exam: 50%
A: 80-100%, B: 60-79%, C: 40-59%, D: 20-39%


* The theorems marked by asterisk are, in the instructor's opinion, among the ten most beautiful results of mathematics.