AL1 Abstract Algebra
AAL Advanced Algebra
ALG Basic Algebraic Geometry
ALT Algebraic Topology
ANT Topics in Analysis
CLX Complex Analysis
CO1  Combinatorics 1
CO2 Combinatorics 2
C&P Conjecture and Proof
DIG Differential Geometry
FUN Functional Analysis
GAL Galois Theory
GEO Topics in Geometry
GTT Graph Theory
NU1 Number Theory 1
NUT Topics in Number Theory
PRO Probability Theory
RFM Real Functions and Measures
SET Set Theory
THC Theory of Computing
TOP  Introduction to Topology

HIS The Making of Modern Central Europe
HL1 Beginner Hungarian Language
HL2A Intermediate Hungarian Language
HL2B Intermediate Hungarian Language
HL3 Hungarian language - individualised  studies
HUC Hungarian Art and Culture
HAM Historical Aspects of Mathematics
OPH Old World and New World Political Philosophy