Celebration of WMY 2000, the 50th anniversary of the Rényi Institute, and presentation of the Bolyai Prize


You can look for information about Budapest, and actually look at a map of Budapest

The more detailed map of the inner part of Budapest contains the street or square of



1 Euro = approx. 260 HUF (Hungarian Forint)


Please, look around at the airport or at the train station because if it is possible then one of us waits for you with a sign showing your name. Since the number of guests is much larger than the number organizers, unfortunately we can receive only very few of you.

Arriving by air:

The price of the taxi from the airport might be extremely high. You can use the Airport Minibus Service from the airport. It is reliable, takes you to from door to door, and costs approx. 1500 Ft.


Always keep your valuables at a safe place (money, documents, credit cards, etc.) away from pick-pocketing.