Papers in Logic of Spacetime after 2000

Papers before 2000 are available here

ˇ         Visualizing  ideas about Gödel-type rotating universes. In "Gödel-type Spacetimes: History and New Developments. Eds: M. Scherfner and M. Plaue. Kurt Gödel Society, Collegium Logicum X, 2010, 77-127. Németi, I. Madarász, J. X.  Andréka, H. and Andai, A. 

ˇ         A twist in the geometry of rotating black holes: seeking the cause of acausality. General Relativity and Gravitation 40,9 (2008), 65-89. Andréka, H. Németi, I. and Wüthrich, C.

 Course Notes, 2006. (In Hungarian at the time being.)

 Work in relativistic computing