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irományok [some of my writings]:



A Potential Definition of Weak Omega-Categories.  just one thought,   2013,  6 pages (pdf)

Hidak és profunktorok.  Doktori disszertáció (HU), javított változat,  2012,  86 pages (pdf)

On Morita Contexts in Bicategories.  corrected preprint,  2010,  14 pages (pdf)

Weakly Representable Relation Algebras Form a Variety. Algebra Universalis, 2008,  11  pages   (dvi, pdf)

An Abstract Preservation Theorem. (in Hungarian) brief  sketch, 2007,  2 pages (dvi)

Bridges in Categorial Logic. AAA70 Conference in Vienna, 2005,  12 pages (dvi, pdf)

Situation trees as formulas. Preprint, ELTE -- Rényi Institute of Mathematics, 2005,  48 pages (dvi, ps)

Categorical Trees as Formulas. Master's Thesis. ELTE Univ., Budapest-- Vrije Univ., Amsterdam, 2003,   32 pages  (pdf, ps)

Antiparadox. (manuscript in Hungarian) ELTE, 2005, 4 pages   (dvi, pdf)




Palindróma gyűjtemény   (doc, pdf)