Algebraic Geometry and Differential Topology Seminar

Spring 2016

The Algebraic Geometry and Differential Topology Seminars take place on Fridays at 10:30 - 11:30 in the Main Lecture Hall of the Alfred Rényi Institute of Mathematics.

All are welcome to attend.

The schedule of the 'Singularity theory and low dimensional topology' learning seminar can be found here.

Schedule of upcoming talks

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February 5 Jongil Park Seoul National University Identifying Milnor fibers of quotient surface singularities with symplectic fillings via MMP
February 12 Kyle Larson Rényi Institute Surgery on tori and embedding 3-manifolds
February 19 Yang Huang Aarhus University Bypass: a building block of contact Morse theory
February 26 László Fehér Rényi Institute Holomorphic maps between projective spaces are maximally singular
March 4 András Némethi Rényi Institute Toric and Newton non-degenerate singularities
March 11 Gábor Farkas Humboldt-Universität Berlin What are abelian varieties of dimension six?
March 18 András Némethi Rényi Institute L-space surgeries of algebraic links
March 25 SPRING BREAK No Seminar
April 1 Ana Lecuona University of Marseille Splice links and colored signatures
April 22 Tamás László Rényi Institute Non-normal affine monoids and surface singularities
April 29 Árpád Tóth ELTE Cycle integrals of Green functions on the modular surface
May 6 András Szucs ELTE Global singularity theory
May 13 Péter Ivanics BME Two-dimensional moduli spaces of irregular Higgs bundles
May 20 Kyle Larson Rényi Institute Knot concordance and homology sphere groups
May 27 Zoltán Szabó Princeton University Bordered algebras with matching
June 3 Marco Golla Uppsala University Symplectic hats
June 10 No Seminar
June 17 Robert Szoke ELTE/Rényi Root systems and geometric quantization of compact Riemann symmetric spaces


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