Algebraic Geometry and Differential Topology Seminar

Spring 2015.

The Algebraic Geometry and Differential Topology Seminars take place on Fridays at 10:30 - 11:30 in the Main Lecture Hall of the Alfred Rényi Institute of Mathematics.

All are welcome to attend.

The schedule of the 'Singularity theory and low dimensional topology' learning seminar can be found here.

Schedule of upcoming talks

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Feb 13 Jongil Park Seoul National University (Korea) Lefschetz fibration structures on knot surgery 4-manifolds
Feb 20 Paolo Ghiggini University of Nantes (France) An application of L^2 homology to symplectic topology
Feb 27 Ádám Gyenge Rényi Institute Euler characteristics of Hilbert schemes of simple surface singularities
Mar 6 Szilárd Szabó BME The birational geometry of irregular Higgs bundles on curves
Mar 13 András Némethi Rényi Institute Conjectures in Singularity Theory I
Mar 20 András Némethi Rényi Institute Conjectures in Singularity Theory II
Mar 25 Zsolt Patakfalvi Princeton University Moduli spaces of (log-)varieties: projectivity and applications
Mar 27 Francois Laudenbach University of Nantes (France) Gromov's h-principle (1969) for geometric structures; A new approach thanks to Haefliger (1958) and Thom (1959)
Apr 8 Tamás Hausel EPFL Lausanne Arithmetic of wild character varieties
Apr 17 Alexander Schmidt Universität Heidelberg Topological invariants of algebraic varieties
Apr 24 David Harari Université Paris-XI Rational points on homogeneous spaces of algebraic groups
May 8 Uli Wagner IST Austria Eliminating Higher-Multiplicity Intersections: A Whitney Trick for Tverberg-Type Problems
May 15
May 22 Zoltán Szabó Princeton University Algebraic methods in knot Floer homology
June 19 Zsuzsanna Dancsó Australian National University The Kashiwara-Vergne problem and flying rings in R^3
August 28 Márton Hablicsek University of Pennsylvania (Logarithmic) Hodge theorem via derived intersections
November 12 Yang Huang Aarhus University TBA


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