Algebraic Geometry and Differential Topology Seminar

Fall 2012.

The Algebraic Geometry and Differential Topology Seminars take place on Fridays at 10:30 - 11:30 in the Main Lecture Hall ("Nagyterem") of the Alfred Rényi Institute of Mathematics.
The "official" language is Hungarian/English variably, as indicated by the titles.

All are welcome to attend.

Schedule of upcoming talks

Click on the title of a talk for the abstract (if available).

Aug 31 Kálmán Tamás Tokyo Institute of Technology A Jones- es Ozsvath-Szabo tipusu csomoinvariansok kapcsolatarol
Sep 7 Thomas Geisser Nagoya Algebraic cycles and Suslin's singular homology
Sep 14 Marco Golla Renyi Ozsvath-Szabo contact invariants and surgery I.
Sep 21 Marco Golla Renyi Ozsvath-Szabo contact invariants and surgery II.
Sep 28 Boldizsar Kalmar Renyi Elimination of singularities and representing 3-manifolds
Oct 5 Mauricio Mauro Renyi A topological model for site-specific DNA recombination
Oct 12 Helge M°ller Pedersen Rényi Bilipschitz geometry of rational surface singularities
Oct 19 Heesang Park Korea Institute for Advanced Study A simply connected numerical Campadelli surface with an involution
Oct 26 Helge Moller Pedersen Rényi
Nov 9 Tamás Szamuely Rényi Fundamental groups of homogeneous spaces of algebraic groups
Nov 16 Cyril Demarche UniversitÚ Paris 6 Formulas for the fundamental group of homogeneous spaces
Nov 23 Inanc Baykur Max-Planck Topological complexity of symplectic 4-manifolds and Stein fillings
Nov 30 András Némethi Rényi On the cohomology of tangent bundles of resolutions
Dec 7 András Némethi Rényi On the Oblomkov-Shende conjecture
Dec 14 Andreas Rosenschon MŘnchen On torsion and cotorsion in Chow groups


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