Ph.D. in Mathematics

About the Program

This is an English language program introduced in 2001 by the Mathematics Department of the Central European University (a US-degree granting institute of post graduate study and research, based in Budapest) in cooperation with the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics.

Scientific aspects

The title of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mathematics and its Applications can be earned by 54 course credits and a dissertation, normally in 3-4 years. Courses are offered in various disciplines – while the CEU Mathematics Department's primary strength is in applied mathematics, in our Institute world-class scholars are working in many fields in the mainstream of pure mathematics, including combinatorics, number theory, algebra, topology, algebraic geometry, information theory and probability. In addition, there are other opportunities to engage in pure mathematical studies by working under the supervision of a professor at ELTE University's Institute of Mathematics. In fact, one of the great aspects of our program is that students may take advantage of the vibrant math life provided by the universities (BME, CEU, ELTE, Corvinus) and research institutions (Maths, Physics and others) all based in Budapest. In addition, CEU encourages its doctoral students to spend at least one semester at another university during the research period (preferably abroad).

For more details please check our Doctoral Program page where you can also find a complete list of Courses Offered.

Entry requirements and admission calendar

See the CEU Mathematics Department homepage for regularly updated information.

Tuition and financial aid

For students admitted into doctoral degree programs, the university provides a full CEU fellowship for up to three years. Students who receive funding from state sources or other organizations are required to declare that they are supported externally. For the duration of their external grant, such students are not eligible to receive financial support from CEU. Additionally, in those cases in which a student wishes to keep his/her employment, CEU may request full or partial tuition payment and will expect the student to be able to cover his/her living costs.
For details please check CEU's page on Financial Aid

Contact Information

Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics
PhD Program Coordinator
Professor Ervin Győri

General introduction

This is a program introduced in 2001 by the Central European University (a US-degree granting institute of post graduate study and research, based in Budapest) in cooperation with Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics. Most new programs in higher education start as small programs, they need time to grow, and they make names for themselves only after a couple of generations of new PhD's are produced. This is absolutely NOT the case here. According to the program description of CEU   "the program is largely based on the international teaching/educational experience of the faculty of the Rényi Institute". This modestly phrased fact means much more than one usually expects. The truth is that this PhD program has an unprecedented amount of resources from day one of its existence:

If you would like to study mathematics at our Institute or just to learn more about this program, please visit the homepage of the Mathematics Department of CEU, where you can find links on how to apply to the graduate programs.