Equivariant topology in algebraic geometry

Marie Curie Fellowship 235437, R. Rimanyi

The Rényi Institute concluded contract negotiations with the European Community, the project started on July 1, 2009.

Our main fields of research are:

Some training and research activities of the PI


  • R. Rimanyi, A. Varchenko: Conformal blocks in the tensor product of vector representations and localization formulas , to appear in Toulouse M. J.
  • L. Feher, A. Nemethi, R. Rimanyi: Equivariant classes of matroid realization spaces , to appear in Comm. Math. Helv.
  • L. Feher, R. Rimanyi: Thom series of contact singularities , submitted
  • R. Rimanyi, V. Schechtman, A. Varchenko: Conformal blocks and equivariant cohomology sumitted
  • R. Marangell, R. Rimanyi: The general quadruple point formula Ameriacan Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 132, No 4, August 2010


  • Interactive illustration of enumerative geometry problems related to matroids