June 29 - July 6, 2008, Baja, Hungary


June 29, Sunday: arrival day.

June 30, Monday:
09-11: I. Bársony: Introductory lecture
11-12: Á. Fekete: Introductory lecture
12-13: J. Réffy: Orthogonal polynomials and eigenvalues of random matrices PDF
15-17: V. Komornik: Control theory and harmonic analysis PDF

July 1, Tuesday:
09-11: R. Kovacheva: Overconvergence and zero distribution of Fourier series PDF
11-13: B. Nagy: Introductory lecture
15-20: Railway excursion

July 2, Wednesday:
09-10: J. Pres: Positive harmonic functions on Denjoy-type domains PDF
10-11: B. Nagy: continued
11-13: V. Andriyevskyy: On positive harmonic functions in constructive function theory PDF
15-17: R. Wolf: Distance Geometry in Quasihypermetric Spaces PDF

July 3, Thursday:
09-11: Sz. Révész: Around the multivariate Bernstein inequality on convex bodies PDF
11-13: V. Totik: Szegő's problem on general sets and curves with an application to universality PDF
15-17: B. Farkas: Abstract potential theory and applications to rendezvous numbers PDF
19-24: Conference Dinner

July 4, Friday:
09-11: A. Goncharov: On the extension property PDF
11-13: H.-P. Blatt: On a Generalization of Jentzsch´s Theorem PDF

July 5, Saturday:
09-11: N. Zorii: t.b.a.
11-12: Open Problems
13-19: Boat excursion

July 6, Sunday: departure day