Since we know that many people organize his/her stay and accommodation by individual ways, we only offer accommodation possibilities which we will be happy to reserve for you if you notify us in time about your choice and dates. With these places we suggest you to make your reservation through the organizers - for other hotels we assist only upon request. Nevertheless, we would be grateful if you could notify us about your arrangements for your own accommodation, even if you have made it on your own.

Guest House of the Hungarian Ministry of Culture
1053 Budapest Magyar u. 34 (approximately 5 minutes walk from the Institute).
Tel: +36/1/3175481 (English speaking personnel is not guaranteed!)
Simple but large, clean and reasonable guest rooms for without further services (e.g. no breakfast), but ample facilities for self-service (microwave oven, some kitchen facilities etc.) . There are 2-bed rooms for approx 35 EUR and we could reserve a 2x2 bed apartment, for around 55 EUR, and suggest to share. Reservation is possible only through the organizers! Since we have only a limited number of places, if your choice is this one, please give a second choice as well, in case we can not put you to this place.

Hotel Ibis Budapest Centrum
1092 Budapest, Ráday u. 6 (approximately 10-15 minutes walk from the Institute).
A *** hotel for 70 EUR per night for single occupancy. Under a special discount program for 3 nights reserved the 4th night is free. However, even better, there is a special package for guests of our Institute: Eur 54 for a single and Eur 68 for a double room per night. This package is only aviable through the organizers! Therefore, if this hotel is your choice, we strongly suggest you to make your reservation through the organizers.

A few further possibilities, that can be reserved through the organizers as well:

Best Western Hotel Orion
1013 Budapest (Buda side), Döbrentei u. 13 (approximately 10-15 minutes walk from the Institute).
A *** hotel for approximately 60 EUR per night.

Ginkgo Hostel Budapest
1053 Budapest Szép u. 5 (approximately 2-3 minutes walk from the Institute).
Normal hostel with double rooms for 44 EUR/night, or for proportionally less for shared accommodation. Breakfast included.

Balassi Collegium
1016 Budapest, Somlói út 51 (approximately 20 minutes walk from the Institute - travel by public transportation: bus 8, 112).
Clean, good, spacious 2-bed rooms with TV and refrigerator, having a nice, panoramic view of part of Buda (but not the Danube) - however, lack of air condition might be a problem in warm, sunny weather. Price: 12.300 HUF/night/room or 7.175 HUF/night/person.