Dear Colleagues,

continuing the tradition established by the workshop in 2005, the Renyi Institute of Mathematics organizes The "Second Workshop on Extremal Problems in Fourier Analysis ". The workshop is to take place at the Renyi Institute in Budapest from 18th to 24th of September, 2007.

Invited speakers, whose attendance has already been confirmed by now (some other invitations are pending) are V. Arestov (Ekaterinburg), A. Babenko (Ekaterinburg), V. Bergelson (Columbus, OH), A. Bonami (Orleans), K. Böröczky (Budapest), A. Carbery (Edinburgh), Gy. Gát (Nyiregyhaza), D. Gorbachev (Tula), V. Ivanov (Tula), P. Jaming (Orleans), M. Kolountzakis (Iraklion/Atlanta), V. Komornik (Strasbourg) and Y. Sarantopoulos (Athens).

We plan a relatively small, well-focused workshop, allowing time for in-detail explanations with proofs. In addition to the invited lectures there is a limited possibility for contributed talks. Titles and abstracts of all talks and lectures are expected by 30th of May. Notification of acceptance of contributed talks will be sent out by 30th of June.

The registration fee for the workshop is 80 Euros or 20000 HUF. All those interested in participating in this workshop, please check the web-page and contact the organizers via email at, in particular, please let us know if you need visa and/or a formal invitation letter.

Please let your colleagues know about  this meeting.

With best regards, the organizers

                Á. Horváth, M. Matolcsi, J. Réffy, Sz. Révész and I. Ruzsa.