Provider: Alfréd Rényi Insitute of Mathematics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Marianna Boza

Address: 1053 Budapest, Reáltanoda utca 13-15., Hungary

Email: math_at_renyi_dot_hu

Tax Identification Number: 15300337-2-41

The electronic contract established between the Merchant and the Customer does not constitute a written contract, therefore, it is not filed and it is not accessible in paper format. The language used in the electronic contract and the communication between the parties is Hungarian. The merchant is not liable for consequences of any erroneous or mistyped data. The description of the products or services serves an indicative purpose, and it may not contain a complete information. For the official description of the products, please consult the webpage of the provider.

The cost of the service is: 63000 HUF.
This sum includes VAT.
The Alfréd Rényi Insitute of Mathematics is using electronic tickets. The Customer receives an identification code and a verification email. Should you wish to obtain a paper copy, we may print your verification code free of charge, which can be received at the Institute during opening hours, or may be sent by regular post.
Based on the Regulation of the Republic of Hungary 17/1999. II. 5 about contractual arrangements between distant parties, the Customer may use the right of cancellation.
Customer service: 1053 Budapest, Reáltanoda utca 13-15. Tel: +36 1 483 8321
Warranty conditions are regulated by the § 248 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Hungary.
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