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Beyond Next Generation Sequencing

Rényi Institute, Budapest, Hungary, July 20-23, 2011

e-mail: bngs2011@renyi.hu

Welcome to the Beyond Next Generation Sequencing Workshop in Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics 20th-23rd July 2011.

The main aim of this workshop is to discuss the current scientific and technological challanges in the Next Generation Sequencing era. We will bring together scientists, SMEs and RTDs to share their opinion, introduce their cutting-edge results and highlight the current main barriers in research and technology. Above that, we are going to introduce the work of the COGANGS (Comparative Genomics and Next Generation Sequencing) consortium sponsored by EU FP7.

We wish to bring together researchers and companies to facilitate new collaborations. We encourage everybody working on novel sequencing techniques and/or modern genomics to participate in this workshop. There is no registration fee for this workshop, however, registration is necessary.

We are going to organize a poster session on the 22nd of July afternoon. If you wish to present a poster, please send a one page long abstract to the contact email address.

Confirmed invited speakers, participating companies:

István Miklós

Renyi Institute