Budapest, Hungary, June 14-16, 2001.

Second announcement

As it was announced a few months ago (in the last century!), the

5th Budapest--Chemnitz--Prague--Torun Conference in Algebra

will take place in Budapest from June 14 (Thursday) to June 16 (Saturday), 2001, with June 13 and June 17 as suggested arrival and departure days.

Scientific program.

The lectures will be held in the main lecture hall of the Alfréd Rényi Mathematical Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The main topic of the conference will be representation theory of algebras with an outlook to related areas (group rings, Lie algebras, algebraic geometry, general ring theory etc.), however, any other algebraic topic is welcome for short talks.

Here is the list of the invited (one hour) lectures:

H. Andersen (Aarhus, Denmark): Twisted Verma modules
V. Drensky (Sofia, Bulgaria): Asymptotic behaviour of polynomial identities of matrices
D. Happel (Chemnitz, Germany): Hereditary categories with tilting object over arbitrary base fields
S. König (Leicester, United Kingdom): Repeating patterns in decomposition matrices of general linear groups
E. Lukács (Budapest, Hungary): Quasi-hereditary extension algebras
C.M. Ringel (Bielefeld, Germany): Subgroups of finite abelian groups
D. Simson (Torun, Poland): On representation theory of coalgebras
A. Smoktunowicz (Warsaw, Poland): On results connected to the Köthe conjecture
J. Trlifaj (Prague, Czech Republic): Approximations of modules

Sessions of short talks (25 minutes) will also be organized. Participants are welcome to contribute. At present we do not plan to have parallel sessions. The lectures will start on Thursday, June 14 at 9 a.m. The expected closing of the conference is on Saturday afternoon, June 16.


Since hotel prices tend to be rather high in Budapest (one single or double room in the downtown area could cost 150 DM/night and up), we tried to search for affordable accommodation for the participants. However, due to the fact that the spring term at universities finishes only at the beginning of July, and also some reconstruction is planned in our traditional guest houses, cheap accommodation which would still be priced at a reasonable level, is rather limited. Thus we encourage everyone to make a reservation as soon as possible either through us (preferably by the end of March) or on her/his own. Please, let us know of any special needs concerning acommodation (travelling with a family, staying longer etc.). We shall make all efforts to find suitable accommodation for everyone.

Here is a list of possible accommodations, with a short description and information about the prices. (Prices are usually subject to small changes.) Participants wishing to stay in one of these places should contact us and we shall arrange for their stay.

  1. Hotel Peregrinus. 1056 Budapest, Szerb utca 3. Tel. (36-1)-266-4911, FAX: (36-1)-266-4913. The guest house of Eötvös University; renovated a few years ago, in downtown, 7 minutes walk to the conference site. Nice, spacious rooms, equipped with bath/shower. Parking is difficult, but possible to arrange. A few single and several double rooms.
    Price: 115 DM/night/single room; 130 DM/night/double room, single occupancy; 150 DM/night/double room, double occupancy. Breakfast included.
  2. First Guest House of the Ministry of Education. 1122 Budapest, Maros utca 16/a. Tel: (36-1)-356-4246, FAX: (36-1)-356-7846. Located in the Buda part of the city, close to the castle district, major parks and also some busy areas of the city, approx. 20 minutes by metro no. 2 to the conference site. Two and three bed apartments, nicely furnished, with a small kitchen and a dining area. Bathroom/shower. Parking on the street. Hopefully 5 to 10 apartments available.
    Price: 55 DM/night/single occupancy; 65 DM/night/double occupancy; 75 DM/night/triple occupancy. Breakfast not included.
  3. Guest House of the Academy of Science. 1014 Budapest, Országház utca 21. Tel: 355-2333. Located in the historic castle district, in a historic building, a limited number of rooms (total number 10) with two or three beds (or two rooms with four beds), all furnished with classical style furniture, all but two rooms with bath/shower. No access by car (restrictions in effect for the whole castle district). 25 minutes by public transport (bus and metro no. 2) to the conference site.
    Price: Prices vary depending on the size of the room, from 75 DM/night/single occupancy to 90 DM/night/double occupancy and 120 DM/night/triple occupancy. Single room with shower a few meters away at 45 DM/night. Breakfast included.
  4. Ho(s)tel Marco Polo. 1072 Budapest, Nyár utca 6. Tel: (36-1)-344-5367, FAX: (36-1)-344-5368, E-mail: info@hostelmarcopolo.com, URL: http://www.hostelmarcopolo.com. Centrally located, in the heart of Budapest, 10 minutes walk from the conference site, this is a youth hostel, offering hotel services. Recently renovated, besides some dormitory style rooms, it has several nicely furnished double rooms, all with bath/shower. Telephone in each room. Internet access. No parking.
    Price: 80 DM/night/double room, single occupancy, 110 DM/night/double room, double occupancy. A considerable discount offered for groups of over 10 (60 DM/night/single and 80 DM/night/double, subject to further negotiations). Breakfast included.
  5. Hotel Martos, Professors' House. 1111 Budapest, Stoczek utca 5-7. Tel: (36-1)-463-3777, FAX: (36-1)-463-3650. E-mail: reception@hotel.martos.bme.hu. Located on the campus of the Technical University in Buda, on a separate floor of one of the dormitories, some 25 minutes walk from the conference site. Public transport also available. Spacious, modernly furnished apartments with small kitchen and dining area, bath/shower. Parking on the street. Over twenty apartments available.
    Price: 85 DM/night/double room, single occupancy, 95 DM/night/double room, double occupancy. Breakfast included.
  6. Hotel Olympia. 1121 Budapest, Eötvös út 40. Tel (36-1)-395-6447. Located in a pleasant environment, in the mountainous outscirts of Budapest, some 40 minutes from the conference site by bus no. 21 and metro no. 2. A reasonable hotel, with pool, single and double rooms with bath/shower. Parking available.
    Price: 70 DM/night/single room, 95 DM/night/double room, double occupancy. Breakfast included.

Dormitory style rooms will also be available, at a moderate price (15-25 DM/night).

For participants wishing to book their own room, here are some links to hotels in Budapest:


Booking through a travel agency may be advantageous in certain cases. Please note that there may be a shortage of hotel rooms in the high season; early booking is therefore highly recommended.


To cover the cost of lunches (for Thursday, Friday and Saturday) and the banquet (to be held on Friday), there will be a registration fee of 5000 HUF (approx. 37 DM or 18 US $), payable upon arrival. Please, fill the on-line form or send the filled form by E-mail or ordinary mail to the address of the conference. There is no deadline for registration, however we ask those who need accommodation to register early (before March 31, 2001) so that we can arrange for their lodging. Early registration by other participants will also be appreciated.


Participants who wish to give a talk are asked to submit an abstract by June 10 (Sunday). Abstracts received by then will be distributed at the meeting. Regardless of the late deadline for abstracts, we ask the participants to inform us about their intention of giving a talk on their registration forms. The program of the conference should be ready at least one week prior to the meeting.

Further information.

Please, visit our web site from time to time: further information will be posted regularly. Some useful hints concerning travel and the location of the conference will be sent by E-mail one week prior to the conference. If you wish to make a reservation for accommodation and you send your registration by March 31, we shall try to arrange your reservation by April 15, and confirm it by E-mail.

Budapest, March 7, 2001

István Ágoston
Mátyás Domokos
Erzsébet Lukács
László Márki
Pham Ngoc Ánh

Alfréd Rényi Mathematical Institute
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
H-1364 Budapest, Pf. 127
FAX: (36-1)-317-7166
E-mail: bcpt@renyi.hu
URL: http://www.renyi.hu/~bcpt

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