The Dumpling Place

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The Dumpling Place is referred to as such because it doesn't have an actual name (or at least an English name). It's located near the Four Tigers Asian Market in a building on the third floor. It doesn't even look like a restaurant, but once you stumble upon it, you'll see that they serve food. Be forewarned: You need to go with someone who can speak Chinese. The people don't speak English or Hungarian.

Why should you go? Because they have delicious dumplings, and it's pretty cheap. 20 dumplings for 1000 forints.

How to get there: Take the 28 tram from Blaha Lujza ter to Kobanyai ut 21. Alternatively, take the 24 tram from Keleti palyaudvar to Orczy ter and walk the rest of the way. You will be at the entrance to the Four Tigers Asian Market. Look across the street to the buildings. Look for the three-story building that has a sign with Asian characters above a doorway. This doorway should contain stairs. Go up the stairs to the third floor, and look for a room that has tables for eating.

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