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For the first two weeks of the BSM program, students have the option to take an intensive Hungarian language course. Students may also take Hungarian throughout the semester with an instructor from Babilon.

Although time consuming, the language course provides an excellent chance to meet up with other students, adjust to life in Budapest, and pick up at least the bare essentials of Hungarian before the obligations of the semester begin. If one wishes to learn Hungarian, it is recommended that they attend the Babilon language school so that they can take level 2 Hungarian when the semester starts. Level 1 Hungarian at BSM meets very infrequently and may be too slow-paced for eager learners.

Contact Information

Babilon School of Languages
1075 Budapest
Karoly krt 3/a IV em

telephone: (011) (361) 269-5531
fax: (011) (361) 322-6023

Important Vocabulary

  • Az/Azt/Ez/Ezt: That (nominative)/That (accusative)/This (nominative)/This (accusative). Useful with appropriate pointing and waving.
  • Bocsánat: I'm sorry, or excuse me. Bocsi for short, not to be confused with bácsi, which roughly translates to "old man."
  • Finom: delicious. Man, this palacsinta is nagyon finom!
  • Igen/Nem: yes/no.
  • Kérek...: I want... Acceptable for store use, but impolite if used in a formal setting. But nobody will hate you for it if you clearly don't speak Hungarian.
  • Kinos: awkward, uncomfortable, or embarrassing. Not to be confused with csinos, which means cute. Liam just told that waitress she is csinos. How kinos.
  • Köszönöm: thank you.
  • Nindzsa: ninja.

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